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This is to all the marketers that use a pen name(s), write articles, use the same mailing address for their lists.

Do you let the, owner of the po box company know, about all the diff pen names you use?

What if you get letter sent to your boxes by customers? Do you folks ever get physical letters, sent to you by customers in different niches, that you are involved with?

Also, is it un-lawful to have pen names?
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    I dont think that your question is very straightforward....do pen names really have so much importance in internet business
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      Originally Posted by jonat2005 View Post

      I dont think that your question is very straightforward....do pen names really have so much importance in internet business
      I'll put it this way, you have 5 niches that you are involved with. You build lists and can possibly get letters sent to you by those who are members or not members of your list.

      Do you let the P O BOX owner know, that you are operating under certain pen names/aliases?

      Pen Names are very much involved in marketing, so it's very important to many folks.

      " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    Why not have a entity ( be it LLC, corporation) be the p.o. box and then all your pen names can be under / have the mailing address of the entity - thereby protecting your identity?

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    Have you ever gotten mail meant for someone else, but addressed to your box number?

    I've had mail delivered to my pen names several times and as along as the PO box number is correct on the envelope, there is no problem. Notifying your post office will help, however, in the event the mail sent to your pen name has the wrong box number.
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    I have found that I like pen names. Still think about what happened many years ago. I was working for another company on weekends and one of my coworkers from my main company thought it was important to notify my boss man.

    He tried to get me in trouble by snitching me out and saying I should not be working on other jobs to get me to resign. Well, I got a warning. Let it be a lesson to all of you. Bosses do not like you to have a biz on the side, even if it is selling on ebay rare coins.

    That is why we use pen names.
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