How much success have you had with your review site?

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.... and how long does it take before it really takes off? When I say take off, I mean traffic, conversions and of course the cash register going ka-chinging non stop!

I'm more or less done with my review site at the moment, and to be honest, I think I'm a little overly anxious when it comes to expecting the first sale to be made from there.

Getting the site up is one thing, but getting it to work and become a goldmine is really a harder thing altogether.

So I ask...

How much success have you had with yours and what is your advice for someone who is just starting out on one?
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    What is your method of generating traffic to your review site? If you want it to take off fast, PPC marketing is the way to go. As for me, I use article marketing to drive traffic my my offers. Also, you need constant traffic to make consistent cash inflow.

    One tip for you. Target your review site around one keyword, for example, weight loss supplement reviews, car buying guide reviews or laptop mouse reviews. Start building traffic using article marketing. Using this way, apart from getting traffic from article directories, you will rank for relevant search terms in the search engines.

    I have definitely read a lot about how review sites or conduit method have made warriors here a lot of money but it did not turn out quite well for me. My top performing presell content is being written in such a way that benefits to the visitors are being listed with why the products I am promoting are the solutions to my visitors' most pressing problem.
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