What's the best way to enter a new niche/market?

by EntreP
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Say you want to make a product for a different niche.
You want to enter a whole new niche or market.

But you don't now anything about other markets.
What is the best way then to become knowledgeable about a whole new subject so that afther a while you now the problems in the market and have enough knowledge to build informative websites and make and sell products.
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    Well you could always go for market research which I assume you already know.

    But if you really want to be an expert in a short time, then purchase the best PLR
    about the niche that you can get your hands on.

    Read the PLR and really consume it. After doing so, you'll get some real knowledge
    on the niche and all of it is handed to you on a platter. That is, if you really find
    a quality PLR.

    Just some .02

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    Thank you for your answer. How do I do "market research" and do you know if there exist a webhosting PLR e-book?
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      To come up with a new niche ideas you could ask yourself with these following questions might help you to come up with new niche ideas.

      Which social, industry, and professional groups do you belong to or have you belonged to, and understand?

      Think about your physical habits, work experience and all the list of groups that you belong to. Another suggestion is your buying habits and online subscriptions etcetera.
      Then to find out more sub-niche ideas go to amazon.com start narrowing down sub-niche by selecting various categories and read peoples reviews and complaints about your chosen niche products to come up with your own product idea based on those
      reviews. Hope it helps, Good Luck!
      Affiliate Marketing explained for beginners >>
      www.SuperAffiliateMarketingTrick.com <<
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    Search right here on this forum "market research" and do some reading.

    You can also subscribe to newsletters in the market you are planning to enter to see how they promote their offer, and how they relate to their market.

    This is the best investment I have seen in ages - For just $1.00 you can get 4 coaching sessions - And the coaching is from internet marketing legend Chris Record.

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    Far better is to go to the library and find as many books on the subject as you can. If your local library is small ask the librarian about obtaining books on the wanted subject using interlibrary loans.

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    A simple google search on your topic will probably bring you more than you want to know.

    If you really want to know peoples problems in the niche, I think the best places are probably forums and place like Yahoo answers.

    Gone Fishing
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    From the rear.
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    From the rear? What do you mean by that?
    I want to register on a forum within a niche to talk with people about the subject and learn more this way, so I can begin to write articles for the new niche I am going to enter.
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