Hope For The Holidays - Giving To Those In Need

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This is inspired a little by the unanimous support given by this forum to a fellow warrior, as well as an idea that the radio station does every year where I used to live.

Until about a year and a month ago, I lived in Kansas City and listened to 98.9 KQRC religiously. If you don't know, it's a rock station. Anyway, every year around Thanksgiving and through Christmas, they do what they call "Hope For The Holidays". People send mail and emails to the station asking for help themselves, or for another family that they know. The situations can range from just being behind on the bills and not able to provide any Christmas to the kids, to not being able to pay the mortgage for the month, to having the lights and water shut off in two days. Johnny Dare and his group would go through the requests, pick one at a time to focus on, and ask the community for help. There would always be so many people that would step up and give something to help out the family in need, and they would always exceed their goals.

This seems to be an area that the Warriors excel. I'm not good with the major logistics of something like this, but maybe I've planted the seed into somebody's mind who would be willing to undertake this task and run with it. I realize that it's harder to qualify somebody's story if they're online only, but there could be restrictions placed on who can recommend the situations, etc...

This would be something that I'm sure could get not only the forum a ton of press, but everybody who donates would get some major karma points as well.

Anyway, just planting the seed to see what grows from it.
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