Dominating The Internet... Traffic?

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who believes that traffic is one of the most vital parts of your online business?

Well, I do.

Therefore I want to share some tips and tricks that are easy to use and easy to implement (paid and un-paid) that can help you increase your traffic.

One of the easiest, more long-term, yet very efficient way would be to simply interact with people, be nice, informative, helpful and your signature will be followed...

Yep, I'm talking about forums, their wonderful and can work miracles, the craigslist forum can bring in bucketloads of traffic if you are helpful and honest.

A tiny warning about forums: You have to consistently write on them, at least 10ish posts (1 per day) if you want to get at least SOME traffic, more traffic will come if you are trusted more, build trust

A second and easy as riding your bike way (but paid for) is to simply find a youtube vid that's getting a bunch of views without a link or call to action and pay them 20$ or something to put your link and a call to action in there.

For a month....

There are vids out there with like 2 mil views and no link...

Why aren't you on youtube yet?

Well yeah, be careful though and make sure it's relevant and traffic is going UP.

Check the trends

Alrite, I gotta go, but you guys brainstorm and think of other child like easy to do traffic ideas that are either both paid or free.

(Make a youtube vid is also great.... and distribute it through tubemogul..)

(More on that later).

Well hope you guys put the ideas to action because it's really easy to make money online, but very hard to stay focused to actually do it.

To Your Success

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    Hey man,

    Love the post..really simple stuff. I think someone deserves a "thanks" :p

    I would ad in that some really simple ways to get at least some sort of traffic in is just to get active..

    I know you touched on this with forum stuff but I mean get active everywhere in your niche..truly immerse yourself in the niche (why it helps to be passionate about it haha) and talk to people. Go to blogs, join conversations on forums, answer questions on yahoo, anything you can think of..just get active and make sure your link is out there..the traffic will come when you stop looking for it and focus on providing value to the community that you cater to.

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