First Site up- still bare, needs work

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Bodybuilding At Home

I still have a lot to learn. There is much to be done, mostly with content. But I just wanted to get it up, and get your FIRST impressions?

Problem Areas:
I dont know how to get a box of tags like i see blogs having (do they help with seo?!)

I dont know very many popular widgets or plug ins

Amazon is my only affiliate

I have space for 4 125x125 ads but they do not take HTML coding or PHP must be: Add your 125x125 px ads here. You can add unlimited ads. Each new banner should be in new line with using the following format:,

I have no where for people to sign up to a mailing list for new articles, updates, product/supplement reviews.

In the future I need to create an image/logo versus my yellow header

Let me know your thoughts and help a first site newb


ps this is my theme
Gravity | New WordPress Themes
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  • Profile picture of the author Paul Gordelo
    I can help to setup your site. As I am wordpress certifed from odesk and RAC website.

    You can take my service.

    PM me if you need my help.
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    Decent job mate! Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author Janice Sperry
    Great domain name. Lots of potential for your site. You do have lots of work left but you seem to have made a great start.
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  • Profile picture of the author Peter.J
    It is not bad, and it is a site I would visit as I use to be a gym buff, although getting a serious girlfriend kind of ruined my mojo for hitting the gym as I use to. Good news I am single and having fun at gym again haha.

    A few suggestions, get more widgets for your site, like popular posts, recent posts.
    Try and get a designer to design your logo, or if you creative enough creat one yourself, I use Adobe Illustrator which I think works best mixed with photoshop.
    Ill have a look for subscription options, cant think off the top of my head now, to ealtly in the morning.
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    Oh, tags are usually part of the theme if I am not mistaken, I do not recall a setting where you place them in your backend, but I am sure you can find a plugin to do so.
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    what is your opinion of me borrowing you tube videos? I just added a bunch to the bicep section. I have free weights and a door gym at home, but haven't found any one to take "step 1" and "step 2" pictures yet for lifts and exercises.
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  • Profile picture of the author Peter.J
    Nothing wrong with tht, most people tend to grab Youtube vids and place it on their own site for the relevance.
    From a branding point of view, I would not recommend it though. Try to make your own as you will be showing your sites name, its all about the branding.
    On top of that, the bonus for making your own, you can have a decent following on Youtube which converts to more visitors for your site, you can also have a profile set up on your site for your visitors to join your Youtube videos.
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    thank you JMS. My friend thought it was "too long" but I think it is very easy to remember!

    thanks peter. ya I still have to tweak it...a lot. I just wanted some opinions. I am so overloaded. Getting a site up is 1 thing, SEO and marketing is another! My girlfriend is very excited to help. So maybe I will get her to help me with videos/pictures!
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