Please critique my first site

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Can't understand why the site is not coming up in Google (why not at least on the 20th page).
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    Go to and ass your website.

    Also, why is your website on a higher directory than your website route?

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      Sorry Can you explain what do you mean by website on a 'higher directory than your website route'

      I added the url to Google 4 days ago
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    Looks good! I know the whole google thing is frustrating, just keep learning and buy some WSO courses ;-)
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    I am actually interested in this area personally too, but if you want my honest critique:

    • I found the site boring to read. There are just big chunks of text, no highlighting, no bullet points.. this made it hard to read, and even after scanning the headings to find info I wanted (the BENEFITS), I read those sections and still wasn't much wiser... people are stupid (myself included), really spell it out for them.
    • There is no affiliate link on the homepage? throughout the article there should be a couple perhaps - especially with one really big / obvious one at the bottom. I think you are relying on people clicking all around your site and reading it top to bottom - this just won't happen. Fair enough if you want it purely for information and to help people, but if you want to monetarize this site then make your affiliate links stand out, and include a couple of banners too.

    If this site is brand new then don't worry about the ranking - yet. All sites will take time - you have to earn trust in Google's eyes, and most of all you have to build backlinks to yourself from other sites.

    Getting links to yourself with the keyword "CoQ10 Benefits" is the only way you will rank for this term, but it takes time - expect to see little change within 2-3 weeks, then to start moving up, and if you keep building backlinks and building content on your site you can be page 1 within a few months... this is a very rough estimate, maybe sooner maybe later.

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      Thanks for the suggestions; I will spice it up, The header is boring too; Need something attractive
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    Personally I do not know if it is a myth or not but I always believe Google will index your page if you have a privacy page located on your page. Also how long as the page been live for?
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      Live for the past 5 days or so
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        My first impression of this site is that it certainly looks very professional... The fact that you have used some images in your posts makes it look pleasant (I have seen some websites where people have super long posts which has nothing but chunks of text... And this makes the whole site look very cluttered and "wordy")

        Also, you have broken up one single post into several different sections, with sub-headings to identify the various sections... Which is very good...

        What you might want to do is to add things such as "Privacy Policy", "Disclosure Policy" and "Terms Of Use" at the bottom of your website - In my personal experience, Google somehow prefers sites with these pages around...

        And what you can do in order for Google to index your site faster is to social bookmark them (in sites such as Digg, Propeller,, and you can write some articles (and in the author's bio, have a link to your site) and submit them to the top article directories (such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles)...

        You might also want to consider running some ads (from Adsense) or promote some products/services so that you can get some income from your site...

        Hope you'll find my comments useful... Good luck!

        Jun Yuan

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    Thinking of the end user your opening paragraph really doesnt grab my attention. You need to break it down and tell me exactly the benefits of the product straight away without selling it. Otherwise if I came to that site it looks way too complicated and I would click off.
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    Congratulations on getting you're first website on line.
    Nicely laid out and I thought it looked professional too. I would definitely start working on getting backlinks to your site, I'm sure with the knowledge you have you could do an article then submit it to some article directories.
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