How Many Niches Are You In?

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Hey guys,

So right at this moment I am based in 4 niches; 2 of which are closely linked and the other 2 completely seperate. There are considerable upsides to being in a number of niches being that in slump times for one niche I am still making big sales with other niches. That being said there are also serious downsides in that sometimes I will not have enough time to update all sites when I want to if important updates coincide.

Anyway the point of this thread is to hear how many niches you guys are in and how well that number is faring for you? No need to share which particular niches are working for you, just share what you want!

What I usually do is have set times in each of the days in order to update and work on that particular site. So 10-12 niche 1, 12-2 niche 2 etc. Or sometimes I will just work on 1 site for the whole day if there is nothing to really do!

Waiting to hear your thoughts.
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    I'm currently in 4. Once they start making enough for me to continue growing then I'll expand and continue doing so until I'm making the money I want. If that means 100 niches, so be it.
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