A Quick Tip For Article Marketers and Bloggers

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Just thought I'd share a quick tip for people that are stuck for content ideas.

The quality of your content is everything. If you can help someone have a light bulb moment they will be chomping at the bit for more information. If you continue offering value you will have subscribers and customers for life.

Researching keywords is one thing but reading the minds of your prospects is another story altogether. One way you can do this (kinda) is with Yahoo Answers.

if you're looking to get to the bottom of some of your markets most pressing questions do the following:
  1. Go to answers.yahoo.com
  2. In the "search Y! answers field enter your markets root keyword. For example, I would write "article marketing".
  3. Choose from the questions you see and expand the answers into unique posts.
  4. Use the question, or a slight variation of the question as your headline.
  5. Add your target keyword as well as several secondary target keywords to your article title and body.
You'd be surprised how many people are just asking the same questions over and over again. Offer a thorough answer to a common problem and you might just find yourself at the center of your market.

Note: It might be worth looking at the age of the question and the number of answers. Age can effect relevance and the number of answers can sometimes suggest that the question has ranked well in the search engines and is therefore a good candidate for an ezine article. But these indicators in themselves are just that, indicators. They are not in themselves reasons to skip what common sense says is a just a damn good question that is worth answering.

Now go kick ass!
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