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by jstarx
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Ok , i think this has to be a common issue for offline consulting. I live in a small suburb. Whitehall OHIO . I search terms like "whitehall plumber" "whitehall electrician" etc......

I go to the google keyword tool, and i cant get any results. The results i get are totally not what im looking for. I want to be able to approach ... lets say... a plumber here in whitehall. ... Id like to be able to say that (x) amount of people here in whitehall are searching for you online a month. Then i would show them how valuable it is to dominate for the term "whitehall plumber" or "plumbers in whitehall" etc.......

Also, when i search terms for "whitehall" niche's , many of the top results are for businesses in a different state such as , Whitehall Pennsylvania .. What does this mean to me , trying to rank for these terms without using the State in the keyword. This also must be a common issue for offline conulting.

I am actually considering making my own site, and getting it top rankings and then selling or renting it, but i would like to know how many people are searching here in whitehall monthly, this gives me a better idea of the value of the site.

Any insight would be helpful , thanks guys
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    I may not be using the google keyword tool the best way, so any tips or tricks you can give to get the results im looking for are good.

    When i said im thinking about makine my own site ...... i mean buying a domain like .... or something like that and then getting it top rankings then selling or renting it....... i would really like to know how much traffic or how many searches monthly are made to know how valuable a site dominating for this term are to help determine the value.........

    thanks again guys.
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    try county keywords instead
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    Seems to me that one problem is that whitehall without a state identifier is too vague -- too many other cities in different states named whitehall, thus showing PA, MI, MD, etc.

    When I tried plumber whithall OH then what you're looking for came up. Also shows a google places map then. Looking at that, most of those listing on first page (ten-box) show a Columbus OH address. Only one first page showed Whitehall OH. Might be pretty easy to get your clients listen in Google Places.

    Since I'm in FL, don't know if local IP addresses would make a difference in display.

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