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Can any one enlighten me please ?


Ps...the more One learns, the less he knows...
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    I think that macadamian wants an enlightenment about Internet Marketing.

    I think that you should read the book:

    Multiple Streams Of Internet Income By Robert G. Allen.

    This will open up a whole new world for you about making money online.

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    a lot or reading, learning, and trying!!
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      Originally Posted by kapsi29 View Post

      a lot or reading, learning, and trying!!
      Yes, agreed and that is all about, no secrets, no shortcuts. !

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    First thing you've to do is to get started with a marketing technique.. blogging, email list, website or something like that... later, search for tips and be professional in what you're doing. That's all about establishing an identity in the Internet marketing world.
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    There are lot of ways to do the internet marketing.It can really make money if you just give time and effort. Internet Marketing can be done by posting or creating videos (like Youtube), Classified Ads, Answer Sites (Yahoo Answers) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Try this strategy and you can achieve what you want.
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