Twitter - useful or not?

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If you use Twitter, do you find it useful to your business? Does it help bring you customers? Or is it a waste of time?

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    Honestly here.....

    For me it has been a total waste of time.

    I am sure that many here will disagree with me but when Twitter came out and it was at its peak, many mentors said that you can use it to promote.

    Heck, I even see people here in the forum and other places online charge a fee to customers to teach them how to make money using Twitter. If I was making good money with Twitter and no one knew my "secrets", I don't think I would want to sell it or share it with others.

    Those who promote "How to use Twitter" to make money, are probably those people who don't make any money but want to take advantage of others.

    I really think that promoting through Twitter is a waste of time.

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    Twitter is a very powerful tool. It is the closest tool to email marketing concept. Just like in email marketing, people subscribe to your newsletter, people on Twitter follow you. Of course, it takes time to build authority and reputation.

    I was using my twitter account to blast different kind of promotions, but then I learned some stuff about it, and now my target is to convert my followers into active participants in my community.
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    I have a strategy for Twitter that has got me a lot of sign ups but the secret is be real on there and be very clear about what person you can help. You have to show up and have a conversation to built relationships then get them onto your own list, you cannot automate being real on Twitter

    Seasoned Sales Professional since 1999 sharing my knowledge online. Check out my phone closers cheat sheet.

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      Twitter is a very powerful tool and those that believe differently are truly missing out on a Big opportunity. The only reason the believers don't believe is because they don't KNOW exactly how to market effectively on twitter. You have to treat the people on twitter just like you would treat people on your list.

      Give valuable information and build that relationship and you will start to see success with twitter but its important to stay consistent with you tweets. With all that being said, don't let the opportunity pass you by because twitter is growing larger as we speak. All the best.
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      Too many internet marketers jump on Twitter and don't know how to use it.

      • Who wants to follow thousands of other marketers barking carnival tweets to you? I don't.
      • Who wants to have thousands of followers, mostly other marketers, so you can bark carnival tweets to them? I don't.

      But that is not to say Twitter is not a marketing platform

      You don't need to follow anybody or have any followers.

      You do want people to visit whatever you are selling

      You just need to know how to enter conversations and how to market on Twitter.

      Think more about it before you jump to buy some automated software to do it too!
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        How or where do I learn to market effectively on Twitter? I have looked at Twitter in the past, from a personal point of view, not as a business, and was not impressed. How can I do it right so that I would think positively about it?

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    The secret of twitter is on having hundreds - thousands of loyal followers, usually in your niche
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    I've never really got it to work.. I'd rather invest my time into something else..
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    I personally use twitter is some of my niches and heres my simple technique.

    Follow people with less then 300 followers.


    Because in their twitter profile, if they're following 15k people their status would update like every 15 seconds.

    If you're providing value and using the 80-20 rule (80% content,20% pitch) you should be fine.

    I have an IM Twitter account thats absolute garbage (It has around 5.5k followers).

    And I have another one thats 1000 people and it brings a lot of traffic. And its targeted.
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    Dude, I know one guy (popular marketer here on WF) who makes an absolute fortune using Twitter alone! So much so that he inspired me to spend a solid month getting into it (following his advice) and I now make some nice change with it!

    It's all about the approach! Make accounts look real with automation, have lots of them and promote something cheap that they would find useful! Thats it in a (tiny) nutshell!
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      Thanks for all of the replies. I am not sure what to think about Twitter, so for now, since I cant decide, I will leave it be. I've got other things I feel more positively about right now, so my time would be better spent on them.

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    Looking at the link in your signature, you could use Twitter effectively by sharing pictures of before and after, discussing car remodeling and repair, sharing information you find interesting about cars, giving tips on car touch up.

    By providing content which people are interested in, they will slowly find you. Each person who starts following you is interested in your area, and becomes a potential customer. The same with Facebook pages, and any other social media outlet. Provide information and content on what they are interested in and you build relationships and trust, which can lead to sales.
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    I think Twitter is nice if 1) you know how to target your customers or 2) you are in a niche that most people would be interested in. I don't have a whole lot of followers on Twitter (~500) but I get some extra traffic when I tweet my link and a quick sentence to catch some attention. For the very little effort I put into it, I think it's worth it.
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    Is twitter useful or not? The anwer of this question lies in the skills of the person using it. Make more followers and try to convert these followers into active participants of your site.

    Are you in need of Best Video Production Services? 2D and 3d Animation specializes in all types of Video Creation Services such as 2D and 3D Animated Explainer Videos, Typography Videos, Whiteboard Videos, and Instructional Videos.

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    Twitter is very useful tool for us if we use it properly.It is the closest tool to email marketing concept.Those who do not use it are missing a great opportunity.If many people are following you then it is great because you market your product in a better way.Twitter, although incredibly useful and increasingly influential in the online world, is just a social network,
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      Twitter is another very powerful internet marketing tool in the right hands. It's a bit like a gun, used correctly it is a deadly weapon. Used by a fool it is a tool of mass destruction.

      Build relationships with your followers, don't just tweet a whole lot of BS. We don't want to know what the man on the bus next to you is wearing. Use twitter in a responsible manner and you will see how fantastic this tool can be for your business.
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    This is from a blog post I wrote a couple days ago. I rank each of the main traffic strategies (free traffic for my blog). Here's my opinion:

    I don’t go on Twitter. I set it up to automatically update whenever I update my facebook page. Not my fan page, but my personal facebook. Everytime I update my personal facebook page, I get a follower of two on Twitter.

    My experience from Twitter so far has been more of a marketer meet marketer experience. So many marketers are on there trying to “get rich with twitter” that they are sort of feeding on themselves. Most everyone who adds me on twitter has tens of thousands of people they are following and they are just trying to grow their twitter follower list.

    I’m sure I could do a lot more with Twitter, but it just hasn’t been my thing.

    Rating: 4/10

    Funny, as I wrote this, an email just came in with someone who just followed me. Here’s their stats:

    1400 tweets
    following 4455 people

    You can see that no “real” person should be following 4,445 people.


    You can see my post on all my current traffic strategies here if you'd like:

    My Blog Stats 3 Months After Starting This Site | How do I get more traffic to my blog | Mike Antoni's Blog

    I rank each strategy, some my find it useful. Keep in mind, I am in the internet marketing niche and my results have been for this niche only.

    Check out my Affiliate Internet Marketing Blog, lots of cool free stuff. And make sure you take a peek at Trilateral Profits. Internet Marketing Management

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    a agree with waste of time , it run for fun only
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      Twitter has been very valuable to me have made a lot of sales in various niches through twitter haven't yet tried the im niche though
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    It is useful!!!!
    I think this depends on your campaign.
    And twitter will take time - if you want to be good. Your tweets have to be interesting (not just re-tweets or I sell...). You can "create" your own news. With twitter you're able to connect to other social media and your own website: video, blog, Facebook.
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    I think that Twitter is a waste of time if you only have a few followers, but can be powerful if you have many more.

    I have tried Twitter and found that the only way I could get more followers is if I followed others, but that isn't targeted traffic at all! I think that if you already have a web site with a lot of visitors, encouraging them to follow you on Twitter could help, but if you don't have many visitors, I don't think getting a Twitter account will help in getting too many more.
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      Twitter is awesome if your followers are not just a bunch of other internet marketers promoting the same junk to everyone.

      Whenever you make a new profile at a Web 2.0 website, encourage your readers to follow you on Twitter through your profile. As you get traffic to your pages, you will slowly get more and more real followers that are truly interested in your information.

      Market with Twitter like you would with an email list. Develop a rappport with your followers. Provide plenty of great free information, and promote paid products every few tweets.

      Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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        Boy the confusion continues! Some of you love Twitter, some of you think it's a waste of time! I need to do more reading and thinking.

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    Twitter is definitely at the top of my list right now. I'm upset that I've slept on it for so long. I've only been using it for about 3 weeks and it's been unbelievable. Maybe it's because I don't go near the IM niche and I don't come off as a marketer. I don't know what it is, but it's working. I'm really loving twitter right now.. even more than facebook fan pages.

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      I need you guys to understand how important it is to use twitter. Personally, every time I post on twitter I get at least 300 views on whatever I posted..
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    Hit or miss. My last venture was general interest and didn't get any traction, but the smaller niches did much better. I mainly used it to drive traffic to my sites, but I'm still not 100% sold. In looking at the ROI my time would have been better spent using other online methods (articles, etc) Your mileage may vary, of course
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    I'm thinking of using twitter to drive traffic to information articles that I write. Any thoughts on this methodology?


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      My thought was to use Twitter to drive traffic to my website. Hopefully once people got there, some would buy our product.

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