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Hello all,

I am starting to generate some leads for an offline business. I want to be able to track the sales that are made from my leads.

Would it be better to track the names since I have no access to any sales made?

I trust this person. I just want to use the figures, or names, as leverage to sell her the site.

I also want to be able to show her that these people came from my site.

Thanks in advance,
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    one good way to do it is to offer a discount on the product or
    service if a code featured on your site is mentioned in the sales
    conversation. Most people will take a discount if it is offered...
    or a bonus.

    You might even offer the bonus yourself: a free laser-level or
    other gadget most folks wouldn't say no to. Then they'll ask
    for their bonus and if your client isn't out to screw you, then
    she'll know for sure it's your sale because they want the gift.

    A choice of 2 or 3 free gifts would be a good method too because
    some customers, for whatever reason, may not bother to collect
    a gift if they have only one choice.

    For example: the level (for the guys), and mp3 player (for the
    kids), or a kitchen gadget.
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    I've always added a promo code or bonus like Loren mentioned.
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      If you're driving prospects directly to the business (for example getting them to call the business on the phone) then you're going to have to rely a little on the business to keep track which is always going to be inaccurate.

      As was mentioned above using any special offer that has a special name that they mention when they call or get them to ask for an extension when they call etc etc will identify to the business that the lead came from you.

      You'll find there'll be huge variation on how well businesses and their employees keep track.

      It's still better than not having any idea though and if you're charging a client for your services you only need to establish that you're making them far more than they're paying you for their help.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Online speaking...many options like affiliate or promo codes. In terms of offline marketing, building a database where you put in all their sales information in the last couple of years....then assuming everything else is normal....track future sales in the categories in which you are promoting. If their is an increase in that category...then you can reasonable conclude that you effected sales in that category.

    We did this with Quiznos Catering a while the marketing we did was all offline.


    Chris Negro

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