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Which one is better to have your own site on it? I hear Tumblr's a lot easier than WP to build a site and put themes on it.
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    Hey ChickenMan.

    Who told you Tumblr is easier and why did they tell you that?

    If you are looking for something easy, I must say you are in the wrong business.
    Or not in business at all and looking for a hobby.

    Get yourself a business with a self hosted domain name and WordPress.org.

    Then study, learn, implement.
    Dang, that sounds easy, but I know it's not.

    My best to you.
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    No no, I mean easy as in to use for themes and installing plugins. I was a little vague on what I meant.

    If money grew on trees, we'd all die from a lack of oxygen.

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      I'm using WordPress for several months and didn't have any issue. Everything is easy, when you know what to do, also WP offers several training videos explaining everything you need.

      I have no experience with Tumblr though.

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    Tumblr is a very basic, free site. It's not a business hosting site. It doesn't compare to a Self hosted WP blog with all it's power and plugins. Most WP themes install in just a click or two.

    Of course you have to do some customizing. Any premium product should allow for customizing.

    So, sorry, I really don't see any valid comparison. These are contrasting sites. If you are tallking about free blogs only, then I agree with Jerry, you aren't really in business.

    Tumblr is a nice place to build some article blogs that feed your business site, but that's about it.

    Have a great day

    Wayne Sharer
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    I have tried both tumblr and wordpress .
    And an advice don't waste your time with Tumbr.
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    I actually see a definite purpose for both of these. I have several hosting accounts and many domains, but recently have also been launching some content sites strictly with tumblr. You can't compare tumblr to a self hosted blog, but it depends on what you're trying to do.

    Tumblr is great in that it's already tied into a network of tools, all of which are free. If you play ball within the paradigm Tumblr lays out, within an hour you can have

    • a subdomain up on a respected host (tumblr.com),
    • social integration (disqus,twitter,facebook)
    • pre-installed google-compliant sitemaps
    • rss syndication
    • custom html for things like adsense and mailing list forms

    ... and you're already engaged in an infrastructure that has traffic (the social internals of tumblr). From that point, you can just add content and easily target out some people to follow that are in your niche.

    I'm not advocating this as a replacement for independent sites, but it does have a place. I wouldn't affiliate market through tumblr (at least directly) as I think it's against their TOS, but you can abstract your links or something.

    Also, Tumblr has a pretty active userbase, and it's easier to get content saturated around. They post like facebook users, less like bloggers. It's occupying the middle space between twitter microblogging and full blown wordpress/blogger/etc platforms.

    I'm getting adsense revenues around $3-4 per day per site... plus everything's free and they'll never go down from too much traffic or anything.
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    Wordpress is very easy to use, even if you have no experience with building websites.
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    i use wordpress on my self hosted blogs, it's definitely my favorite platform, but I haven't really used wordpress.com blogs much.
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      Originally Posted by tommydesmond View Post

      but I haven't really used wordpress.com blogs much.
      Go very carefully about it (if at all): they delete every "commercial" blog in a second without any warning. It is in their TOS.

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    Chicken, if you're building pages for backlinks to your main site, use both Tumblr and WP.com.

    If you're thinking of use Tumblr or WP.com AS your main site - stop. They're free hosts. They own whatever content you put on them, and can rip the sites down with no warning and your business is gone.

    "Wordpress" is a bit confusing as there's two aspects to it - one is an open source software that runs a blog on your site (Wordpress), the other is a free blog host that run the software on their own site and just let you post there (Wordpress.COM).

    If you're talking about using a blogging software on your own site, then use Wordpress (the software). Tumblr is not an option as it's not software you can install on your own site - it's a free blog host just like Wordpress.COM.
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      Originally Posted by Hoopatang View Post

      "Wordpress" is a bit confusing as there's two aspects to it - one is an open source software that runs a blog on your site (Wordpress), the other is a free blog host that run the software on their own site and just let you post there (Wordpress.COM).
      Just for the record: both run on open source software.
      There used to be the "regular" WP script, downloadable from wordpress.org and the WP MU (MultiUser) at mu.wordpress.org. And there was wordpress.com, the hosted free blog solution where they used the MU script.

      Since WP 3.x.x there is no more MU because the two scripts were merged. Now with your WP 3.0 you can set up a site like wordpress.com - and offer blogs to everybody, if you wish. (Just need a huge server )

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    Tumblr is great.

    Much easier than WP. What I like, no maintenance. Just post. Works fantastic with iPhone, posting and reading.

    What about http://garyvaynerchuk.com/ looks like he uses tumblr, even says so at the bottom of the page. Not commercial? Not for business?

    WP is a lot of work, if you need what it offers, it's great, if you don't it is overkill. At one time there weren't many other options, now there is.

    You can save everything you post on your Tumblr blog. If you're on a Mac, there is a free backup program. Your content is yours, not theirs. Terms of Service | Tumblr

    Geez. I'm surprised by what I've read here.
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    Thanks for opening my understanding to tumblr everyone who contributed.
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    yes, tumblr is against "commercial" sites, but that's kind of a grey area in a few ways. For example, I have a site up that's a tutorial for a particular piece of software and the content is real and solid. It's of use to the design community, so even though it's monetized with adsense and a handful of relevant affiliates, they don't seem to care about it.

    If I had a house painting business and I was using it strictly as a portfolio, i think they'd take more of an issue. Or if you were trying to start a garbage link farm there. I don't work at tumblr, so you can't quote me on that, but I think that's more the commercial they're talking about.
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    yeah, I haven't done anything with the wordpress.com sites, but I have a bunch of self-hosted wordpress sites and they rock.

    I love the wordpress platform, I don't use the wordpress service (.com).

    However, I still think that commercial or not, if you have community-valued content, most services wouldn't take it down unless there was some extreme reason. A lot of companies put those clauses in their TOS to use if necessary, not as a common practice.

    Still good advice though, to consider your efforts carefully before putting a bunch of time into something that could get yanked down. Big efforts should really only be done on your own servers, leaving that much control in someone else's hands is like sitting in a race car someone else is driving.
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    Well I think I am going to try tumblr for my first blog and as I learn more about WP i'll move on to it. I'm using a blogging course which is why I asked.

    If money grew on trees, we'd all die from a lack of oxygen.

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