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I have been writing content for my sites for several years, not having the desire or the disposable income to outsource.

I am considering trying to get article work for other marketers, but I am unsure as to how to go about getting clients with no work to show except for my own site articles.

If any current article writers could share a few tips on grabbing a few jobs to start building an article writing side business, I would greatly appreciate the advice. I'm trying to avoid using the paid services like elance due to a lack of disposable income.

Any advice would be a huge help and thank you all in advance.

Robert Williams
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    If you're a quality article writer, the work is out there. The only problem I had when starting out was that many people were looking for quality writing for far too cheap. The higher paying clients are out there though.

    I would set up a website or blog and describe yourself, offer some pricing, and include some of your best articles. You can also offer to write a few free articles for members here in exchange for an honest testimonial.

    I sent out a WSO looking for writing jobs some time around May 2009 and I've never had to post again. Once certain clients found me they placed orders month after month.
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      Go and pick some random niches to write about which you can use for samples. Put these sample articles on an Ezine article account where you can use them to help promote you as a writer.

      Set up a web page with some rates and sample writing.

      Get some testimonials - even if you need to run a cheap offer up front to get them. For example, list you will write an 800 word article for 5 dollars on fivver. Only take a few jobs for feedback. you might even find someone wants to hire you for your real rates once they see your quality.

      Toss the testimonials on your site, and link from forums, etc to your offer on your site.

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        Use your own articles as examples. Nothing wrong with that and that's what a lot of writers do.

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    I say go with the WSO too...

    My girlfriend has used this to find dozens of clients, and they're consistently happy with her work.

    You will need to join the War Room in order to post WSOs though... but it's VERY much worth it.

    So it'd cost $57 to get your first WSO up, but only $20 each time you want to bump it or post a new one after that.
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    Thanks everyone ... you've been very helpful, and I guess I need to get busy :-)
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    Go to warriors for hire and post your offer there.

    Get your totally free outsourcing guide here..

    Send me a PM if you want to hire top-calibre outsourced staff.

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      I second James ^. The WSO section gets you bumped off the first page, entirely too fast. I personally have found more value using the classified section of WF and also Warriors for Hire section.

      Be prepared to give a few reviews and if you can write quality content, the work is definitely available.


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      Perhaps you would like to specialize in a certain format of writing, like review articles or press releases.

      The more specialized you are, the more money you can make from each piece of work.

      However, the downside is the diminishing market size due to service segregration.

      It's worth a try though

      Good luck!

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