What tools you have and mind to share?

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Do you use any tool to make your work easy?
What is that, and what it do?

Here some of tools I have and used for multiple time.

1. Market Samurai
Niche and keyword research, and help me to build website contents

2. Free Mind
I use it to create Mind Map as my product and brainstorming ideas

3. Customize Fences
To manage my messy desktop

4. Article Bot
Used it to submit articles to directories

5. iMacros (firefox extension)
Automate online jobs here and there

6. Auto Backlink Generator
Auto Backlink Generator

7. Auto Backlink Feed Generator
Auto Backlink Feed Generator

8. Alexa Status Bar Plugin (both firefox and Chrome)
Tell me instantly is it worth to leave comments/advertise
on websites

9. Keyword Question by Word Tracker
Keyword Questions – Keyword Research Tool

Give me some ideas, what people asks about certain

10. Google Translate
Help me to understand English better

I guess that are some of tools that I am using most of the time.
What is yours?

Let share it, maybe it will help us, Warriors.

~Raja Kamil
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    Here are a few of the tools I absolutely love:

    1. The Action Machine: Sort of like a computerised kitchen timer. I set the timer for 15 mins, 30 mins, an hour, whatever and then focus on whatever needs doing until it finishes.

    2. RSS Bot - So easy to use!

    3. Micro Niche Finder for finding keywords quickly

    4. Leechblock: This is a Firefox addon that blocks off whatever sites you choose (I choose Facebook and other sites I use to procrastinate). It's fantastic for forcing me to focus and get work done!
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    Hi, I dont own this product but I've heard its one of the best around. It's called Fusion HQ and allows you to create websites, link them with your autoresponders and copy various programming systems from other webpages. Its supposed to be mind bogglingly cool!!
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      I use a lot of the ones already mentioned, and as SEO is a big part of my marketing strategies I absolutely love the free SEO Tools offered by Link Assistant:-

      The Most Effective SEO Software - SEO PowerSuite Tools

      You can upgrade to the bigger and better versions, but I've always been more than happy with the free ones

      Another freebie that I love, is Dropbox. It allows you to sync up your files between computers. Before I got it, I would E-Mail myself files from my laptop to desktop or put them on DVD's You get 2GB of storage for free.


      I have a number of the Incansoft products too, they are such time savers and like Ruth, Micro Niche Finder is my niche research tool of choice
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    I only use an article submitter once in a every month. I use people more then anything. Networking is king for me. So, I guess my biggest helpful tool is people.
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    Originally Posted by Raja Kamil View Post

    6. Auto Backlink Generator
    Auto Backlink Generator

    7. Auto Backlink Feed Generator
    Auto Backlink Feed Generator
    ~Raja Kamil
    What exactly do these two toys do?
    “Thinking is easy, Acting is difficult
    And to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world ~ Goethe”
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      Originally Posted by Sparhawke View Post

      What exactly do these two toys do?
      It help you building backlinks. I don't know how exactly it will work.
      But in easy work, it give your site backlinks.
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        The Best spinner are some other good ones
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    Dreamweaver & Wordpress for building websites

    Filezilla for FTP

    Fireworks for graphics

    IBP for SEO and reporting

    Google search, images, docs, analytics, webmaster tools (pretty much everything Google has)

    Ad Finder Pro to automatically email me relevant ads from Craigslist

    Market Samurai for research

    Roboform for passwords

    GoTo Meeting for consulting and demos

    Mailwasher Pro to filter my email

    SnagIt for screen capture

    Cover Commander for ecover creation
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  • To add to an already great list, I would add these free downloads that I think anyone who is just starting should obtain as soon as they can:

    1. OpenOffice - a suite of applications to replace Microsoft Office (also has the advantage of creating PDFs that keep hyperlinks)

    2. Audacity - for recording and editing audio

    3. CamStudio - to "video" what you are doing on your PC (a great start if you can't afford Camtasia)

    4. Filezilla - FTP package to get your files uploaded to your webspace.

    All the best

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      In addition to the great toold described here, I also use Article Marketing Automation (amautomation.com). While not free, it can bring a substantial return on your investment due to how it distributes your article. I find this especially useful in starting a steady stream of traffic for a new site).

      WARNING: Most eBooks SUCK! Make sure you check out The Secret Automated Income System for an easier shortcut to $1k per day...it's FREE, and it's going to be eye openening (without the need for you to spend a lot, and you don't need any experience either!)...

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    Googles wonder wheel for help with keywords and article ideas and
    SEnuke for backlinks, article submission and a bunch of other stuff, I love it
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