MSN visitors convert better?

by DavidO
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I just read elsewhere that MSN/ traffic converts better than that from Google and other search engines. This set off an "ah-ha" moment and I went back and checked my logs.

Sure enough, a disproportionate number of my customers do seem to have arrived via msn searches. I've also noticed that traffic from msn (and other non-Google engines) is increasing in general.

This is by no means conclusive but if it's true I really welcome these changes as a levelling of the playing field. Has anyone noticed this also, especially the favorable MSN conversion trend?
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    It was once widely speculated that Google traffic were tire kickers and MSN traffic were people with money to spend. I had always found that to be true when I was doing PPC

    It appears that stil holds true in these trying economic times.

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    The small amount of traffic MSN gave me converted real well, but still never compared to the amount of traffic Google sent me even thou many of them were tire kickers

    now if MSN could only send the same amount of traffic as Google then we would have something there

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    MSN users, and Yahoo users as well, tend to not be that computer savvy as compared to Google users. This is because most computer manufacturers ship their PC's with either MSN Live or Yahoo as the default search engine in Internet Explorer. Computer novices don't know how to change this and leave it 'as is' while more experienced users will switch it to Google right away in most cases. The less computer/Internet savvy visitor is more likely to click an ad.

    Your 'perfect' visitor for a non-technical niche is going be one arriving from MSN or Yahoo that's using Internet Explorer, preferably IE6 because of the lack of ad blocking technology. They're going to be quite likely to click an ad or buy a product as long as your site looks OK. The problem is that they will only be about 10% of your total traffic at most so you still have to work well with the 800 Pound Gorilla, Google, too.
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    MSN has a lot of seniors and people over 50 using it
    who don't how to switch browsers and may be easy
    "marks" due to limited experience with the internet,
    having credit cards, and not being ad-blind from
    reading a lot of online ads and salesletters -
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