How to modify blog layout?

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I currently have wordpress them blog running on bluehost. I want to modify
the look of the blog to add sections for "products",
"coaching", "sign up for newsletter","about", "and another offer", all built
around the blog posts as the central theme and draw. It would be nice if I
could keep my posts from the past. What can I do to implement this once I
get the material set up; change the wordpress template and fill in the parts
with the new template or start from scratch with an html layout, or
something else? I want to add google analytics as well. I am trying to understand the mechanics of doing it so I
can plan how to do it. Thanks, Ed
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    You're going to need to download your blogs theme file from your blog's server using an FTP client. It should be under

    And once you've done that... edit the styles.css file which should be under wp-content/themes/Youthemename

    Edit them in a text editor then replace the files
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    You could do this using Categories for the posts and Pages (for 'about') and widgets in the sidebar (for newsletter signup). The default theme automatically lists pages in the navbar. If you want certain categories to appear in there, you would need to edit the theme. The navbar (or menu) is typically in the header.php file of your theme.

    If you're unfamiliar with how to do this, it's best if you modify an existing theme instead of starting from scratch. If you need help with this, I could likely do it for you - just send me a PM.
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    From what you describe, you can add menu to your current theme. Wordpress 3.0 supports multiple menus that you can use to set up for Wordpress blog.

    In addition, do you design your own theme or buy a theme from another source? I highly recommend you to take a look at some theme marketplace like or to select the best theme for you.

    Those themes come with a box for you to insert Google Analytics code so you don't have to worry about tracking visitors. You can also find some Wordpress plug-ins to track real time visitors also if you want.

    I hope that helps
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