Unbelievable search term used to find my site ... lol

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I was looking up stats on my site, getting a feel for traffic and how people were finding me ... and get this...

someone found my site looking for info about putting fish oil capsules up your butt to help with inflammation.

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    What is your website about? Did the keywords "fish oil capsules" get them in, or the keywords about butts and inflammation?
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      It's a health site. The page had info about fish oil ... nothing about butts (and not too much about inflammation either).

      A few search phrases down... I also found one asking if fish oil will make your butt bigger.

      Well... if you stuff enough of em up there...

      Maybe I should put those people together and they can help each other out. :p
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    Well, they found my site trying to get a spark plug out of their butt. I have the word butt on the page they landed on but nothing about getting something out or spark plugs lol
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    Info-product idea perhaps?
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    Geeesh ... a new niche?
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    Oh, well sure, fish oil is great for a little rash or.... I mean.... Um....

    Never mind.
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    Info-product idea perhaps?

    LOL! My stepson works in a hospital and you wouldn't believe how many people come in with things up their butts .... nor would you believe the things that people put up there.
    Gone Fishing
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    hahaha wow never would expect that I've had a few terms like that on a few of my sites before too
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    that´s quite normal. There are some incredible keywords as well that lead directly to my multiple websites :-))

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