Help needed. I get a $375 sale in every 20 responder subscribers and still failing...

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Hi Warriors,

I've got below average converting autoresponder email letters going out to follow-up for my service (UK horse race lay betting for making money on losing horses on the betting exchanges).

But around 3 weeks ago I stuck on another email that offers a winning racing system that I've created. This sells great and has averaged 1 sale in every 22 autoresponder subscribers so far (pulls better than my 7 day trial costing £1)??

The winning system sells for £197 ($375-ish) but I'm struggling getting visitors. I've got an affiliate program set-up but I can't brag to them how well this system sells (I'd pay them £100 a sale) because many of the site visitors join as an affiliate too, so when the winning system email turns up they'll know it's not "exclusive" and it'll lose it's pull. (the sales copy looks like it's just been mass mailed and only open to the first 10 buyers).

The service costs £49.97 a month so it's too expensive for clickbank.

Any ideas to get this out, get traffic or get affiliates would be welcome.


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