Adsense:Help Me!! 897 Hits and 2 Clicks

by elitesalesgroup 9 replies
Help me please!!!!
I have been with adsense over the past few weeks. Im averaging 40 hits a day and 5-8 clicks.

Today, I got a whopping 897 hits to my website. My stumbleupon submission came through. I have never had this many hits to my site. It blew my counter which has a limit of 500.

Of course I run to adsense to see my money---2 whopping clicks!!!

What am I doing wrong.

40 Hits 6 Clicks
897 Hits 2 Clicks

Help me please!!!!
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    Im up to 923 hits...still 2 clicks. Does it take time for adsense to catch up?
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      Not good to bump your own posts - just edit them if you need to.

      The traffic is not targeted traffic - that's the problem. Adsense relies on clicks from people who have looked for a topic and want to find more about it. What you are getting are clicks to see the site itself and they go no further.

      But, yes, Adsense does take time to catch up as it is not displayed in real time. You may see more results after a few hours.


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    Post a link to your site. That will help as well.

    - John
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      Personally, I have never noticed increase clicks or sales from stumble upon traffic.
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        Oh...Thanks - Sorry for bumping my own posts. I was just excited to see so much traffic. Ive never , ever had that much. I thought Id at least make double what I average on a regular day. But not the case. Thanks
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    Those numbers are not too unusual, and it has been my experience that the return on adsense can be pretty limited these days. If you are getting good traffic to your site, you should sell the advertising direct and you will make more.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Do you really mean hits or unique visitors or pageviews? They are 3 different things.

    One person visiting one page could count as 10 hits depending on your site.
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    Also, when you get targetted traffic, make sure you have your ads set up where they look like they blend in with your site, and place some between your posts if you can.

    I have only 2 blogs that I use strictly for adsense that I set up two weeks ago, and I average $10/day from these. I could do more with them, but I stay so busy doing my other marketing. Anyway, an extra $200 - $300 per month easy money works for me

    Good luck.

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      I think you'll find that higher traffic because of StumbleUpon is generally not going to translate into more clicks. When people are "stumbling" it can become mind-numbing. It's like the ultimate attention deficit state. They don't want to spend a bunch of time reading anything, and they generally don't click a lot of links. What do they click then? -- the stumble button again. Once in that mode, they rarely tend to click anything but unless the page really grabs their attention and is something they're truly interested in.

      I've stopped stumbling my own pages at all, because the extra traffic just never translated into any additional revenue.
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