web 2.0 that is similar like squidoo and goarticles

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Hi every one,

i was thinking for my backlink strategy that suitable for me long time ago, i can't find the answer, so i posted here to get opinion

i take plr article and spin it using the best software on the market today, that software can change almost 80% unique article synonym, but sometime article is little bit difficult to read and understand

i really scared id Ezine does not approve my articles

so as alternative, i think i want to submit to squidoo and goartice, because this both directories instant approve

the question is:

1. what is other directories is same with squidoo adn goarticle
2. what is the quality of backlink compared to eainearticle

if i using wordpress, url wordpres will be "anykeyword.wordpress.com"
i am going to create hundred of website, so i think it is not suitable to link all my website from anykeyword.wordpress.com to get link juice

please help me people
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