Are ClickBank HopAd Builder vendors ripping you off?

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I was just reading a thread about cloaking links in the Clickbank HopAd Builder and found an interesting video on YouTube:

It's a bit overly self-promotional in places for my tastes (like the massive arrow saying "Join my membership site!" LOL!), but the message from the video is loud and clear re: HopAd Builder... "Don't do it!"

I thought I'd put what the geezer in the video had to say to the test on the one remaining site where I use the hopad builder.

I found the same to be true as the video -- but on a much smaller scale. Maybe the educational market has more honest folks in it, I don't know. I mean, most of the products are selling for 10 or 20 bucks in many cases and I think they're mostly just pocket-money packages for grade-school and high-school teachers.

But I still found plenty of garbage sites, sites with Adsense and other leaks, and sites going straight to PayPal. I'll be removing that HopAd builder widget as soon as I post this.

I've long stopped using it on other sites because I wasn't making any money from it. Now I know why, I guess!

Anyone done the test like in the video?

Anyone had any luck with the HopAd Builder?

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    I've never made a dime from any Clickbank product with thousands upon thousands of clicks...maybe this is why?!? Thanks for sharing...
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    What a scam. So Clickbank doesn't monitor this stuff?
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    That really is terrible. Thankfully, I pretty much never use them anyway as I don't think blocks of ads would be the best way to get sales. But I guess it just goes to show you should always check your ads carefully, eh?
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    I do check ads regularly just to make sure everything is working well and my aff id is showing up. I have never seen the problems the videos mention.

    I just tested again by clicking on 5 ads put together with the hop ad builder. All of them went to a CB order page with my affiliate link.

    One of them was just a bit difficult. I had to give an email and name first and didn't really want to, but after that, the CB order with my hop.

    I'm too busy to waste more time on this. With the percentages he mentioned I should have had at least one landing page with clearly evil intent. But it is a small sample so I'll keep an eye on this thread just in case.

    But so far doesn't seem worth getting excited about it. Talk is cheap. Accuracy is rare.

    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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      I am so disappointed with this because I just finish putting it on one of my blogs.
      Write until my fingers fall off. LOL!!!
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    TheNightOwl, there's a lot of CB Vendors at this forum. I'm sure some are the very SCUMBAGS this short and non-detailed video referenced. Hell, one may have posted here already. Imagine the scope of SCAMMING that is actually going on. to PayDotCom.

    --= -Spazzle- =--

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    I don't promote much of clickbank because there is just way to much junk on it to put it in simple terms lol but with the things I promoted I haven't had any problems
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    Hmm that's really interesting.
    I like the guy's intensity "just another facebook BULL CRAP site" lol.
    Well that was an intriguing 5 minutes.

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    Oh buggar! I was about to add a few widgets from CB and now I doubt I will.Right now I'm promoting a CB product with a redirected domain name to hide any Affiliate ID. That's at
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    So the guy is just letting the hop-ad builder post random ads on his site without any reviews, pre-selling or having tried the products himself?

    Seriously - even in the hop-ad builder linked directly to the CB payment processor URL I doubt no one would buy this stuff. I used that a few years ago and it didn't work at all.

    You need to buy the product, review it and link to it yourself.
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    video doesnt play for me
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    ClickBank is still better than many of the affiliate networks out there. Affiliate marketing is the Wild West but there's no real sheriff around.

    CPA networks don't pay out, affiliate managers at CPA networks steal campaigns from top affiliates, ClickBank has leaky vendor pages, Google shuts down adsense sites etc. etc. etc.

    At the end of the day there are a handful of affiliate networks I trust:

    - ClickBank
    - Commission Junction
    - Amazon/eBay
    - AdSense (not an affiliate network but I trust them to report my CTR honestly)

    You need to be careful on how to pick your products and inspect the sites carefully whether it's ClickBank, Plimus or PayDotCom.

    Don't rest on your laurels!

    Good luck!

    Promote my ClickBank Product - The Gut Health Solution - 75% Commissions. Converts 1-2% on PPC traffic. Acid Reflux, Heartburn and Digestive Distress Remedy from a Legit Doctor!.

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    I have a Squidoo lens that makes on average $40 a week. Not lifechanging, but it's steady passive income. Today, for the first time, I looked at my stats (never checked them before - why should I need to, its Squidoo right?.)
    My Squidoo lens has 40 clicks for today - but there are 9 Hopad sites also getting clicks from it. What's going on here?
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    I haven't used clickbank for a few years and the reason is because I felt they were scamming me. I was still making pretty good money, but I found by switching out my clickbank offers with similar CPA offers on my minisites, I was getting a much higher return on investment without all the refunds and shadiness.

    Bored? Need a laugh? Find us on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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