Public Domain eBooks in a Cart - Should it be done?

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Hello all!

I just got a package with a few hundred public domain books (mostly PDF, but a few in txt or doc). I also have the usual reservoir of RR and MRR ebooks.

I was thinking of creating a shopping cart site with all of the books listed for sale, along with instant digital download. Thats the easy part (uploading and organizing the bookds takes time).

FIRST - Do you think this is a good business idea, or is it kind of played out?

SECOND - Do you think (if it is a good idea) it would be valuable to sell hosted versions of the site? So other marketers could have their own version?

I already offer an ecommerce package, so getting the data uploaded and organized would take time, and setting up the hosted versions isn't so bad... I would just hate to spend the time if it wasn't going to be worth it as a business or as a service.

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    Would probably be worth it if you can get the traffic.

    If you had 1000 ebooks and you sold 5 a day for a $1 it would make a bit of passive income.

    The key would be the traffic wouldn't it?
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      Just a quick reply.

      If you can get traffic and what you have to offer is likely to appeal to that traffic, then it might be worth a try.

      Do make sure though that your products have the correct licenses to enable you to sell them as you intend. Be particularly vigilant with the public domain products - what you can sell legally in one country might constitute a breach of copyright, or an otherwise illegal act if purchased by someone in another country.

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    I sell PD, too, but not like that. Don't want to flood the market - especially with more sites selling yet the same thing. Then your product drops in value. So your window of opportunity is short lived, if at all - -only my 2-cents there.

    Instead, take only some of the PD and research your options, at least that's what I'm doing on this end. There are marketers who take one product and go a long ways with it in many formats, for example, adding more content, revising it, etc. It's like your own private collection to grow.

    Another note:

    If you purchased a huge collection, though, like at eBay, many could already be using it like you mentioned. Might check around first. You could be an affiliate, then, and see how it goes first before investing a huge amount of time, effort and more setting up shop.

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    What about focusing on a niche (self-help, law of attraction, cooking, etc.)?

    I get what you are saying about the focus on a single book or topic - I have seen it used to great effect (so I assume).

    As for a hosted site, what about marketing to IM people who could have all of their niche books in one spot? I know alot of people like minisites, but after the "honeymoon" is over, I could see how having a catalog of books for sale could be a great way to take advantage of some side traffic.

    Hmmm... what about one of those membership sites where members can get the public domain books? MAybe only have some many credits available?
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    I've seen PDFs being sold for ballroom dancing that are clearly ebooks. The seller has been doing it for a couple of years, so it must be working.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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