Discovered: The Simplest Way To Earn "Replace Your Income" Type Money Online?

by xposed
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Alright y'all, I wanted to add some value to the group today...

Here's the simplest way to replace your income online, without any product idea, any website, any "logo," and on a limited budget...

The business model: Marketing Systems for specific niches.

How to build this business idea and grow it: Event based marketing. Webinars/Teleseminars.

This is the ultimate getting started tool for new ideas/businesses...

You know how you get an idea... but aren't sure how to get started, or what to do to gain traction... so the idea sits there, and never goes anywhere?

Well, crush all of that by setting a date for a webinar, where you'll pitch your idea and ask for money.

Why I love webinars: It's the ultimate growing your business tool for us folks more established who don't need to work anymore, it forces us to do **** by holding an event...

And it's also very, very gratifying... Instant feedback and instant gratification.

BUT... what if you don't even have a product idea?

Here are a couple examples:

For the business, let's say you sell marketing systems to Divorce Attorneys... the script is simple:

Title: "3 Divorce Attorney Mistakes That Drain Any Chance For Profit"

OR.... If you sell marketing systems to Disc Jockeys...

Title: "3 Rookie DJ Mistakes That Cause 95% Of DJ's To Fail"

Then in your content, you talk about how a customer acquisition system is critical if you want success... and then go about using your internet marketing skills (learned here) to teach them how to acquire those customers on a webinar... then goto the close where you ask for the sale, and say... everything I just showed you that you need to be doing, but are not doing... I can do it all for you...

****, here's a business and idea on a silver platter. A completely done for them service, for DJ's... where you do the marketing for them, build the website for them... do the lead gen for them... and charge them based on results. No DJ will say "NO" to that offer...

Do a google search for some local DJ's and pitch them on this no risk, no downside offer, where you want to help them get business, they only pay you based on results. Then use this first DJ as a testimonial to charge your up front price for new DJ's after you've proven the model

For the DJ marketing system:

Step 1 - Build a simple landing page
Step 2 - Create an ad on facebook targeted at couples who are engaged... ad on facebook says ... "Engaged? Need A DJ?"
Step 3 - Call up local DJ's and sell them on this concept
Step 4 - prove this concept with 1 or 2 DJ's
Step 5 - Create a webinar, interview this DJ on the success, and ask for orders
Step 6 - Market the webinar, find DJ forums, Here's a service you can scrape contact info form: DJs - Disc Jockeys - Photographers - Videographers - Weddings -
Step 7 - rinse and repeat with any other niche you want...

How funny would an ad targeted at younger or older married couples on facebook be? ... "Married? Want A Divorce?"

I hope this helps get your juices flowing...
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    Did you actually try this method? How much money did you make?
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    I now make on average for the year over $30k per month, 250 clients that pay on average $180 / month... I targeted the real estate niche and help them with online marketing.
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