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Im looking to get some video stuff done at home but i'm not sure what I need in the way of audio equipment. I want to have a mic to pin onto my shirt but not sure if I need a radio reciever or whatever?

Does anyone here know what I need to buy in order to do this? Any recommendations of products?
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    The kind of mic you are talking about is called a lavalier microphone. As with all things you can get cheap ones and you can get expensive ones.

    You can have a 'wireless' lavalier or a cord lavalier. If you buy a lavalier mic with a cord make sure you get a long enough cord for your recording space.

    I haven't got a recommendation for you as I use a Rode PodCaster mic for screencast videos, and for live shot videos I have a headset mic as it suits my set up better (to do with playing the bass).

    If I was filming myself without the bass I'd have a lavalier mic in a shot.

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