How 'big' are your niche product sites?

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Am looking ninto building some niche product sites, perhaps review style trying to snipe people looking to buy something but are not sure.

How big do people usually make these sites? Do they need to have 50 posts, or is 3 or 4 targetted posts ok?
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    A blog with 50 posts would seem more trustworthy and reputationable than one with 3 posts. Especially if time goes on.

    If you are thinking of blogging you can have as big a site as you wish, the more pages out there= the more chance somebody has of landing on your page and finding your content.

    A blog can have 30-40 posts, at 2-3 posts a week, and then reducing to 1 post a week.

    But if you want a simple static site, then i do no less than 10
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    I go for one page with 5 posts. If they don't rank the way I want them to, I add more content...
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I guess I am trying to judge the most popular strategy used by people:

    1) build lots and lots of really little sites.
    2) Build fewer large sites and focus on them closley.
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    I think there will be equal numbers of both.

    However, it's not just the number of posts that matters. It's also the quality of content. For example, in the past I've mainly focused on blog posts that are 200-350 words long, but they don't always say that much in the way of meaty info even though there are lots of them.

    Lately I've written a few 1000+ blog posts/ product reviews from my sites and incorporated a lot of long tail keywords. This content is far more useful, makes users stick around on the site longer and seems to be ranking for more long tail keywords.

    Of course, it all depends on your niche and what you've got to say as well.
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    To start with publish 5 articles. Add 2-3 articles every week. This makes your site trustworthy and reputationable

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    It depends how huge niche market is.
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