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Hi there
My name is Ray,i have been on the internet circuite now for almost 2 years,received a lot off emails,bought a lot off these products from the so called gurus that continuesly have a good sales pitch,i buy the product and nothing happens but a bigger credit card bill.Ihave lost everything and hoped this internet business will give me help to change my life around.I spent somethibg like 16 hours a day and today i find my self in bigger problems then what i had when in lost everything..People always offer to help but they are always empty promises only want to keep their pockets full.Iam reduced to miserry and the only thing i have left is my car to sell.I have 4 kids and i cant seem to get a head start,If anyone reads my story and has the feelings for me, because i am suffering a lot of pain and it has been going on now for 5 years that i can not get a break, apart from doing some harm to my self, as i have nothing else my life is a one big missery i beg you people or someone to help me out
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    take a method that made money from someone else and focus on that.Regarding the guru think about it...if they made some money why would they sell th method for 17$ ?
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    Stop buying stuff and start working. Just buying stuff won't ever make you rich.

    What are you so upset about? Why did you buy all those products? What's the reasoning behind your actions?

    You say that you spend 16 hours/day working eh? Doing what exactly?

    Here's a good way to start:

    Spend a week educating yourself on various SEO techniques (for Christ sake don't buy any guru systems), then start selling SEO services. Make sure that you over-deliver and slightly undercut your competition in price. Build up your reputation/knowledge and expand. <------ if you spend 16 hours/day doing this, you'll definitely make at least $100/day. Better than nothing!

    ...or is that too much work?

    Alternatively - find a "normal" job. Work for a few years and save money - get yourself out of financial trouble first, re-evaluate what you're doing with your life and try your luck at IM again.
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    It can be very overwhelming. Don't spend money on anything right now. I would suggest to take the time and read some of the methods that work for others on here.

    A great way to filter through the noise is to go to the main section of the Warrior Forum and then click on the Ratings link which is above all the threads. You'll then see all of the 5 star threads. Take the time and go through them. Read what the poster talks about as well as the input reaction from the readers.

    You should be able to come up with some great starting points just by doing that...Good Luck!

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      start writing quality ebooks and sell them on this site for cheap as warrior special offers! simple!

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        Don't buy another product. Pay the $30 or whatever it is and join the War Forum here. It's the best investment you'll ever make.

        ebooks and systems will not earn you cash, they may pick out a few things that you didn't know about and help you build your knowledge of IM. But as for making money directly off the back of some 'guru's system, it won't happen.

        And stop with the self harmz.
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          As many have said in this forum, pick just one thing and work on that. You'll have to put a lot of effort into it, but it will be worth it. The worst thing you can do is jump from one thing to another. There is plenty of great info in this forum. But you have to remember it takes patience and persistance to make it work. You can do, just read these forums and you'll learn how - also don't be afraid to ask questions, everyone here is so helpful.
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    Look, I am living proof that you CAN make a living online and not just through selling product. At just 19 I have been able to support myself and quite well at that. The best advice I can give you is take action, if you dont take action you will never make any money. Find somthing that works for you then rinse and repeat, once you have an income stream look to diversify what you are doing so your eggs aren't in one basket.
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    It sounds like you're going through the classic "newbie" phase of buying and consuming lots of products, but not actually implementing what you've learned. You really have to knuckle down and work on one method at a time, and please don't be fooled by the promises of overnight riches either. It takes dedicated and focused work over time to really make consistent, dependable money in IM, no matter what those hyped-up sales letters may say.
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    Stop buying and start trying. You can lose just as much money on trial and error but learn WAY more.
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    Lets see .... 5 years, 16 hrs per day. Show me the list of all your websites you've created, tell me what you've done to promote them, tell me how many products you've created, what kind of services have you provided?

    If you don't have any answers to the above questions, you've been pissing in the wind instead of really working.

    Buying products does not buy you success. Finding a method of making money online, whether it is providing services, creating products, affiliate marketing, PPC, etc. and sticking with it and perfecting it is what makes money online.
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      Hi Ray, You are not doing yourself self-harm. You are doing what every other newbie has had to do. Finding out what is out there by purchasing stuff and learning is how most people start. It is a process we have to go through to find out which business model is for us. DO NOT GIVE UP! It is time now for you to make a plan. Decide on ONE method you like the sound of and just get started. Remember what the great Winston Churchill said 'When you are going through hell . . . keep going! By persevering you will get there because its never over until you quite right? And you're not going to quite are you!
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    As the others said: TAKE ACTION! It works! Test it out with micro niche sites. DonĀ“t wait for results, just keep on working and in a few months you will see your success. Keep it stupid simple!

    You WILL make money if you start and continue...
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    What you can do right at this point is that you need to reset your mindset from newbie mentality to turn yourself lean mean action machine! Remember good old Nike motto called " JUST DO IT" well its time brother. Don't under estimate yourself I think you're already know a lot just start your action engine and start moving!
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    You may start by setting up a free blog and promote free affiliate products. Then market them using free methods like blogging and article marketing. This will help you earn commissions. Once you have collected satisfactory amount of money and experience, you can develop your business further. Like it has been said, stop buying other products for now. But instead use the information found in this forum and the stuff you bought before if it is relevant. You can also look for a job somewhere and earn some money and do IM part time until your problems have been sorted out.
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      i buy the product and nothing happens
      How many times have you purchased a "get money" method and not followed through on every step? Are you buying the promises of easy, fast money "with no effort, no website, blah blah"?

      If you have four children and describe your life as misery - you have bigger problems than internet marketing. If you see yourself as a victim - that's what you'll be. To get started online, you have to take charge of your own time and efforts, make decision on what form of online work you will do and create a plan of action. Stop buying dreams and starting working for yourself.

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    I would love to have money flying out of my computer or Fed Ex showing up to my door with checks. The truth is that it takes time, knowledge and hard work. I learn, implement and then earn. It's really that simple.

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