The Importance of Finding a Niche You Like

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I have been bouncing around from niche to niche trying to make an honest dime on the web, and my results have been a bit mixed.

Truth be told, some of this stuff is great, but it is difficult to keep attention on any one thing for too long. I have blogs that have made money, but after a while I get soo bored making content that I want to fall asleep.

Then I found myself an interesting niche product to promote:

Starcraft 2 Guide | Shokz Guide

First of all, I love video games, ESPECIALLY Starcraft 2! I have been playing it non stop!

So the other day, I made a blog and linked to it from my forum profile on

Then I made an account at Heyspread and started uploading gameplay videos and strats like CRAZY. (10 already, Some of them are already at 100 views or more)

Then. WHAT HAPPENED?! Did I already make a 40 dollar sale? I felt like I was barely working.

Staying up late and playing video games is what I would do if I had the free time for it anyways!

Anyways, I just wanted to take this chance to show you guys the importance of it. I literally made this site 3 days ago and it already has its first sale:

Starcraft 2 Tactics

And I am not stopping any time soon!

I can see myself creating literally hundreds of videos for this niche, and now that I know how to convert is ON!

The reason this is happening is because I found a niche I really enjoy. Had I found something mediocre or boring to me, I probably wouldn't have seen a sale for weeks, if I'd have made a sale period.

So, next time you are choosing a niche to attack seriously and make money with, ask yourself a simple question.

Do you like this niche?

Do you enjoy creating content for it?

Does working in this niche feel like work?

It shouldn't. And if it doesn't and if there is money in it, you will dominate!

Now go find something you love and promote it!
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    People played Starcraft one for a LOOONG time. Up until number 2 came out. I'd say if you could jump on it and become a premier blog for it, you'd be in very good shape. Think about blogs like The new WoW Insider . I'm sure the majority of WoW players go to that site, and we are talking in the millions of people, looking at several pages each time. They must do billions of page impressions a month.

    I wish you that kind of success!
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    It's a great time to be getting in. I can see myself literally doing hundreds of dollars a day in sales with enough traffic and content.

    The market is so rich in this situation., and so new!

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    Good luck dude. Gamers are notoriously hard to sell to, so really, good luck.

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      Absolutely - when you find a marriage between interest, match that with the niche market and focus on demand you have the ultimate winning formula for a business.

      Interest without a strong niche or strong demand = a hobby

      Strong niche without identifying the key niche demand = inability to compete

      Strong demand without interest often = lack of long-term focus or money...

      So you really need

      Clear niche + Strong desire + interest = Big $$

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      Originally Posted by patJ View Post

      Good luck dude. Gamers are notoriously hard to sell to, so really, good luck.
      Are you serious?

      Gamers aren't diffiicult to sell to at all! If this were true it wouldn't be a multi billion dollar business.

      They just don't have a lot of money like some niches. There's a big difference between those 2, and shokz guide is well over the 100 gravity on cb, so I think that disproves your theory.

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    It's nice to see that many guys do commentaries on Youtube. Check out accounts like huskystarcraft and hdstarcraft. They're not really marketers, but with the amount of subscribers that they have they must be making a bit of money.

    I'm happy for you.
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    Yes my niches are all of interest to me. Maybe this is not always the most profitable way to do business but if you don't just go headlong into something without research there is always a market to be had in something that interests you.

    I have found that as my interests change by the day I always have ideas that I can use for blog content or messages that I can send to the people on my lists depending on what I feel like or have setup for that day.

    The key to me though is not to spread too thin. At one point I was trying to run 15 or 20 sites and now I have cut it down to 5 and it makes things a lot less headachy as far as tracking what I should be doing and keeping up at the same time

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      Sometimes it is useful to explain this in terms of an example.

      Let's say you constantly find yourself drawn toward brain research or psychology - you have a real interest in understanding why people act the way they do. You have a dozen books on around the topic in your bookshelf at home, find yourself drawn to Pyschology magazines, discuss this with others, etc...

      So, you have an interest.

      Now, what you want to do is put that interest on the shelf for a few days.

      Go into that market - look at the books you have, the magazine articles, blog posts, examine other products, seminars, etc... that are being sold around that topic with an aim to learning 1 single thing...what OUTCOME are people passionately looking to get out of their interest in that market?

      Do they want to...

      1. Become a more confident people with a better job and more friends?
      2. Do they want to control their emotions to be better around the opposite sex so they can get more dating activity?
      3. Are they looking to overcome the pain associated with being embarassed constantly and want to know how to overcome that?
      4. Or is it that they are so stressed out is is having negative impact on their health, job or relationships so they BADLY want to learn to control stress...

      And so on...

      You can find these BIG desires by looking at what people are already buying...then you can apply your interest in helping to come up with solution to help them get what they want.

      This way you are coming at the niche from your customer's perspective then applying your interest, passion, and knowledge to help them reach their end objective.

      Believe me, this WORKS!

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    I agree with jbsmith.

    The OP -- congrats for doing what you love...and getting paid for it! However, your situation is quite rare.

    It's all about supply/demand in the market that ally with what you enjoy.

    There are those who have passion for great things, but the market is not big enough for it. Say, you have the passion for creating square watermelons....but there's not huge market for that.

    Now, if you have passion for something that "coincidentally" have a huge market for - you're golden. For example, if I have a passion for helping new moms lose weight, I'm sure there's a huge market for that.

    A gamer playing old-school Sonic the Hedge Hodge wanting to make money is not going to be successful as someone playing SC2 or wanting to play Halo Reach, where there's a more demand for.
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    lol... exactly! It's about building your biz around who you ARE!
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    I think I would stick to one game. WoW has been out for a long time. While Starcraft 2 is popular and while there are a lot of websites dedicated to it out there, I think that it's still a great opportunity to start a website and make it huge. Just start posting gameplay tips or something, even the most basic stuff so that you reach out to beginners and the more skilled players.
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