My new ghostwriting site - your opinions please

by Mark P
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Hello there warriors. I've been playing around with wordpress and have put a website for my upcoming ghostwriting services

I havn't quite finished the site yet, i still have a price page and a testimonials page (when i have them) to add.

The site is

Putting yourself in the shoes of a website owner looking to hire a writer, does this site impress you?

Bear in mind, that although I believe i'm a good article writer, I havnt yet started working as a ghostwriter for others so i can't harp on about having years of web writing experience. I will get there eventually!

Thank you in advance.
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    You want to make sure that if you are marketing yourself as a writer, you don't have any errors on your website. You have a lot of spelling errors and typos.


    "Articles are usfeul, and have an appropriate writing style. Readers on the web click from page to page rapidly tryng to find the exact information that they are looking for." Spelling errors - usfeul, tryng

    "If you as a customer are not 100% with my service, then i am not happy." The "i" should be capitalized.

    "Therefore i will give you every opportunity" - again - capitalize the i

    Also - I barely glanced at your samples - and there is a mistake in this sentence - and the sentence ends with TWO periods: SAMPLES

    If you help you child learn to read well at an early age, you open the doors to all types of learning. .
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    Thanks for looking at the site Dana, I’m glad you noticed the errors.
    Before making this post I spent nearly an hour editing the site in Microsoft Word and removed all the spelling mistakes and errors.
    I most definitely updated the site on wordpress, but it doesn't seem to have worked, and now everytime I try to update it on wordpress I get a blank screen and nothing happens. Im going to wait a bit and ask wordpress for support.

    As for the look and feel of the site, errors aside, is there anything anyone would recommend that i should add or improve?

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    The first thing I saw was "makreter" and then a few other errors. Paste your text into Open Office or whichever editor you use, then check where your errors are. These are absolute killers for a ghost writing business, and at least on your main opener you need it to be perfect.

    More than anything I think you need to give it some passion. The difference between a $2 article and a $50 article isn't just the spelling and grammar, its passion. Show your personality, and let them feel its a real (literate) person, full of vim and vigor writing the article. Website owners recognize personality and passion, and that is, IMHO, the key to success.

    Colin Palfrey

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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    Spellcheck !!!
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    First off, WordPress does not offer free support, but your issue is your presentation, not your WordPress software...

    In order to successfully present yourself as a writer worth hiring, you should focus on editing your own work... People know that if you are not willing or able to edit yourself, you will be equally unwilling or unable to edit their articles...

    You write as if English is a second language for you... I don't think that is the case, but that is how your content reads to me...

    I don't fault people who learned to speak and write English by watching American Television... But if you ever want to gain respect as a writer in the American marketplace, you should write as if you were born here...

    In a quick scan, I found several spelling and grammatical errors in your copy and in your samples... That will scare away a lot of potential customers...
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Good start.... my only concern is that you are using a .info extension... so be careful how you grow this site in the future.... people may get a bad vibe if they see google ads, or something later.
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