FREE software replaces expensive programs

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I know there's the "all-in-one" thread, but this is just a link and I didn't want it to get lost because that topic is pretty big by now.

The site below lists 50 programs of various kinds, from accounting to database to video and graphic editing. Even a PDF creator. All free, because they're open source. Check it out, especially if money is tight these days.

50 Open Source Replacements for Really Expensive Software —

- Nightowl
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    This is a fantastic list. Thanks

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      good site. very useful.

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    Originally Posted by Nightowl View Post

    I know there's the "all-in-one" thread, but this is just a link and I didn't want it to get lost because that topic is pretty big by now - Nightowl
    The only problem with your theory is this thread will disappear almost instantly on the WF since it is a busy forum.

    I'd highly recommend you add this to the All-In-One thread, people hunt those down, and this is a great addition to the thread.
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    What a great list! I wish I would have had it a few hundred dollars ago.
    Thanks for posting this.

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    Kansas, true about that (I just found this on page 3; actually, not too bad for this board).

    Still, if someone was searching on, for instance, "open source", they would find this topic where I don't think they would with the all-in-one.

    For that matter, I don't know why the all-one-stuff isn't a sticky.

    However, I'll be adding that url to the "biggie" shortly. Meanwhile, I'm glad folks here are finding this link useful.

    - Nightowl
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    Thanks for this! Totally cool site. I have a lot of the stuff in the all in one although I got some pointers there too. I am so glad I found this thread.

    Thanks again,
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    Very nice. Thanks for the share. *is all about free!*

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    Very useful. Thanks for the info. Bookmarked it and downloaded one of the packages already.
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    Thank you for sharing it. I was actually looking for something like this to help me out in the tools department. Of course, free is better always
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    Thanks for the link. I already use Inkscape and I will check out some of the others.

    I know Gimp is supposed to be a good substitute for Photoshop, but I cannot get some aspects of it to work. Inkscape is not as "deep" as Gimp/photoshop, but at least I can work with it. Just drawing a simple, colored filled rectangle (in Gimp) is a hassle with several steps that I still have not gotten ironed out yet. Maybe I'm just illiterate in the program. Not user friendly.

    Thanks again!


    It's not enough to want it... you have to want it enough.

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      Thanks for sharing.
      Some stuff there that might just be of use!
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    Thanks for the share

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    Good list I didn't get a chance to look it all the way through. But I will throw out a free program that works great. Traffic Travis! It is all I use to find niches and strength of competition works well for me might want to check it out.
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    thanks for the list this is very useful ..
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    Nice find, Nightowl!

    There's quite a few pieces of software on that list that I can put to use.
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    Wow, this is a very nice list. Thanks a lot for posting it.

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      Excellent list, hadn't heard of most of those except Gimp, Open Office and PDF Creator. We are really spoilt for choice now as internet marketers. What would be really cool is a piece of cloud software especially for internet marketers, like a productivity suite, where we can do everything from without leaving the site or "dashboard".
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    Can someone please point me to the "all-in-one" thread the OP refers to? Thanks!
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    Think someone posted something similar a few months back but lost the wf link.

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    Thanks for sharing. I found a couple programs in there, I could use also.
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    Thanks for the link, I would wack it in the AIO though as stated

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    The source is gold! Checked and bookmarked. This will surely help me with my projects. Nowadays saving up money should not be passed on. Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful list.

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    Thanks for the awesome list. I've saved that page to my favorites.
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  • great resource! thanks
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