WordPress Themes..How Often Do You Change Out

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So my blog has been running less then a month and everytime I look there is a new template that is great. Question is do you change out your templates on your word press blog OR just keep the same look?I do update daily but maybe thinking every 3 months changing the theme....what do you do or think?
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    I might change my theme once every 4 - 6 months. But that is only if the theme is not working out.

    1 time I stayed with a theme for a year. The only reason why I changed from that one was I found 1 that loaded faster and had a better color scheme.
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      Unless you are peddling themes in bulk, changing too often can be a bad idea. Look at it this way...

      How often does your local paper change its layout? Once in a blue moon, and then the changes are usually pretty subtle, right?

      How about your favorite magazines? Same thing.

      The opening sequence of your favorite TV show? Once per season, maybe. Even then the theme song will stay the same. If you feel the need for change, you might think about just changing the header image rather than the whole theme.

      Changing themes on a whim can confuse people visiting your blog. Find a theme that works and stick with it unless you have compelling evidence something new is actually better. People become comfortable with things that are familiar. Let them be comfortable.

      Now, if your blog happens to be one of those that people visit once and never return (and you do this intentionally), go ahead and change themes whenever the mood strikes you. No one will know the difference anyway.
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    I don't think changing wordpress theme frequently is a good idea which maybe mess you up. Your setting: layout, color, font, etc. will change.

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    I usually keep the same theme unless I find one that is better but it would have a pretty good reason for me to change. I had one site I was not completely happy with the theme and changed it a few times until I found the right one.

    Sometimes a theme will look good until you have to work with it...

    Lately I have changed all my blogs because i found one theme that suits our needs but other than that I would not change.

    I agree with John, newspapers and magazines rarely change their layout so why would you do it that often?

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