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I am looking to increase my knowledge in building websites and am wondering if anyone has any good recommendations to start with. I have Squidoo down packed, but ready for bigger ventures. So far I am looking into webmastercourse. I need a course that walks me through all aspects to building. Please let me know your thoughts for I would be extremely grateful
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    There are so many areas you could get into. I would suggest picking another one, and then really learning it. Maybe get involved in a community somewhere and help some people for free, and that will eventually lead you to some paid work as well. Here are a few hot ones:
    1. Jquery
    2. Wordpress
    3. Android Apps
    4. Iphone Apps
    5. Video Editing
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      HTML and CSS along with PHP will get you a long way toward being able to build something your way or easily tweak something like a wordpress theme into looking like you need it.

      Start with HTML and add some CSS knowledge followed by PHP. From there you should have formed a good idea of what direction you want to travel.
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        This is a really good link to bookmark

        google " Basic HTML and CSS Tutorial " on youtube . com it's 39 minutes

        and it will really help you
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    The absolute best resource IMO is W3Schools: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    Just work through the tutorials one by one and you'll be all set.
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    i learned.. a very long time ago.. on

    HTML Goodies

    the guy was funny and made learning simple.. once you get html.. move on to CSS and other things
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    I've always really enjoyed this site...
    "What Can The Source Publishing Do For My Business?"
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