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Ok its XSitePro2 again im sorry and this will be the last time i ask about it i promise

The thing is im trying to set up an automatic download for a product but im not sure how to, i have inserted a paypal button which redirects to the successful payment page, where i want my customers to be able to click on the "download" button to start the download. I have been looking through the knowledge base on the xsitepro website for the past 20mins and spent atleast 30mins scouring XSitePro itself but cant find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance my humble warriors.

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    What do you mean an automatic download?
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      If you have sent the successful buyer to your download page then you have done the job. This assumes that you have the download page set up correctly

      Your download page should have a weird name e.g.


      no one can guess your url this way
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        Of course you must set up paypal to send the buyer back to your dowload page. You put the url in the custom section of the button set up section part 3
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    All you have to do is hyperlink the button with the url of the download.

    Id recommend zipping the contents of the file. Upload the file to your server.

    so now your download url will be something like

    the image hyperlink html is

    <a href=""><img src="button.gif" ALT="Download Button" border="0"></a>

    Easy way to do that with Xsitepro is to select your button image, press the hyperlink button and insert your download url.

    Publish your site, test your button and a download request should pop up.

    Like Kenj said, make sure you rename your zip file to something gibberish so people cant guess what it is.
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