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Other than typical square/rectangular banners, I am clueless at graphic creation/design. But I need to learn in order to give added benefit and services to my clients.

I have a client/friend who needs to have their site banner/company logo brought up a few notches in professionalism. I didn't create their current banner, but because I'm still working at improving my stick figure drawings (LOL), I left their site banner as it for the time being. But the time has come.

Now, I have a simple graphic design in mind. However, I have NO clue how images are created from scratch. I have in mind a specific stylized angel, but haven't the foggiest on how to draw it in Photoshop or elsewhere.

So .... how does one start?
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  • Hi Barbara!

    Personally, I use Adobe Illustrator but it took me 7 years to learn the basics, and some of the functions still confuse the hell out of me.

    The easiest method I can think of is to draw a light-pencilled sketch on a clean white paper, then scan this sketch to convert it to digital form.

    The scanned sketch will be easy to manipulate with Photoshop, as you'd just have to "ink" over the outline with a digital brush and add the colors and effects you want.

    Hope this provided even the tiniest help.

    Share that angel when you're finished with it, k?

    - Johnny
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    Let Stock Photography: Search Royalty Free Images & Photos alleviate your frustration. Find a good image and work from there. Most basic web images start at $1.

    Now, how do you create the image? Well, if you're dedicating yourself to this profession, it's time to learn Photoshop. Go spend $25 at Learning @ Your Own PaceĀ® - and get up to speed. I can't tell you how many times has saved my butt and kept me up to speed.

    Finally, check out Good-Tutorials - Newest Tutorials for guidance on creating the banner itself.

    These 2 resources should be enough to get you up to speed asap.

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      Thanks for the suggestions thus far.

      I can't draw and scan in since I can't draw (hence my stick figures comment).

      Lynda doesn't seem to cover older versions of PS ... only creative suite ... so I can't use that.

      And I couldn't find anything in that other tutorial site that showed me how to create something from scratch - everything remotely related showed taking already made images and integrating them into your own design.

      I have no problem making a banner - I do that all the time - but just text and already made images. I'll be doing something completely of my own creation this time. OH well, thanks for trying anyhow. Mods can delete this thread if they wish.
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    I'd have to second BlueSquares comments, Lynda dot com is great for tutorials and for the price they charge it's well worth the money, I've just been on there and if you go to the 'product' dropdown list you'll find photoshop tutorials all the way back to Photoshop 6.

    Also I use a lot of stock photography/illustrations myself even though I'm perfectly capable of drawing pretty much anything I need to it comes down to the issue of the price of my time vs cost to outsource or buy something similar, I can either spend 30 mins to an hour researching and making rough sketches for an illustration or I can go to somewhere like istockphoto and grab something straight away for a fraction of the cost of my time.
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