If you have set up a website can u answer this question...

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I have someone building a site for me and suddenly I have lost the plot, pls help.

I have my own product and I know process is ..........sales page - clickbank - my thank you page.

Is the "thank-you page" the same as the "download page?"

See I understand that customers will be redirected to my thank you page after successful payment with CB. There is a picture of ebook and button on this page that says download. But then I also have 4 free bonuses which I want listed as separate links and want to include instructions on how to download. I suddenly feel confused. Can someone please explain how this works so I can tell them how to create this part of the website, do I need a separate download page or is this the purpose of the thank you page?

Would really appreciate any help..........thanks a million!
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    It depends on what you want to do. Draw out the process on a bit of paper to help you to clarify it in your head before you actually start creating anything.

    You can do what ever you want, try to think about the user experience too. Don't confuse people or make it harder than it needs to be.

    Not sure if this helps but good luck anyway
    Big in the game!
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    Be careful when having your thank you page the same as your download page as that link is easily sharable, the thank you page is traditionally just for contact info and a link or information to get the product. I've had times where I put products directly on the thank you page and noticed my downloads were drastically higher than sales...
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      Thanks Guys, I don't know really how to go about this that is why I am asking for help for the best way to do this.

      I just presumed I would have a "thank you page" and then a visitor clicks the "download button" that takes them to a "download page" with the links to download the product and the 4 free bonuses, is this the norm? Then my web creator said well what is the purpose of the purpose of the thank you page then?

      I'd appreciate if someone can help me out again. I understand that there are probably many ways to do this but I am happy to take advise from anyone that has a process in place that works and wouldn't mind sharing.......

      Cheers once again.
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        Normally the thank you page would include a link to download the product. The reason for a separate page is so that you can 'hide' or cloak your download link. You don't want to send them to a page that can easily be bookmarked and used to 'steal' your products.

        Also, with the bonuses you should just add them to the ZIP folder that has your main product in it.

        The download link should be just that, only a link that looks like "yoursite.com/secretfolder/yourproduct.zip" so that when they click the link from your thank you page a download box will automatically pop up asking where to save it. Just be sure you have a way to make the link expire and cloak it if possible.
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          Thanks Coby,

          Someone said to me not to put all the products in one zip file?!

          They said...."Make the product file a separate file - maybe customers will not be interested in the bonuses, just want the product they paid for.

          Then on separate lines name the bonuses and give the download link for each (i.e. the URL of the zip file <== it start downloading automatically, when clicked)"

          Is it possible to have separate files once somebody has clicked the download button on the thank you page or do you need a separate download page to do this?

          Many thanks
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    Yes MoneyLand it is possible. Someone may have told you not to put them in the same folder but that may just be what they prefer to do.

    Personally, all my bonuses have backend products in them and affiliate links and what not so I want them to get them just in case.

    How I do it is I zip them all together in one folder but have folders within the folder that may say "bonuses" or just the name of the bonus. I also have a separate folder for the main product sometimes if it contains lots of files. But I always zip them together. The reason I do this is because its annoying to download lots of files and even more annoying if you realize you need the bonus or want to use it a week later and you have to find the download page which is probably not available anymore if you make the link expire.

    I can see reasons for not including the bonuses though. For example if you offered the resell rights as a bonus you might have a separate link to download the reseller package. This might limit the number of ppl selling the same product. But like I said, even products that I offer resell rights with still have backend products and affiliate links that I can earn from even if someone else is collecting the sales price.

    Hope this helps
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      I am still trying to find a solution to protect the download page from bookmarking etc and my web developer came up with this....

      "We have a concept where the url of the main download page be generated dynamically, what we previously implemented also for a PayPal account. But have no idea how in Clickbank this will be implemented.
      Without having dynamic url I don't think this problem can be resolved, as if you resist the users to bookmark the page, they can simultaneously copy the url, paste and save it.
      Through dynamic the url become uncommon each time and this is the mostly granted way to resist users from downloading without payment."

      Does anyone understand this and do you possibly think this concept could be implemented with Clickbank?

      Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated.
      Cheers once again.
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    Hi Moneyland,

    I hope this doesn't sound too confusing. But it if does, it should be a piece of cake for your web guys.

    To protect you download page ( folders) from being picked up my the search engines that would also lead to bookmarking site, all you have to do is create a text file named "robot.txt". Inside of the text file you would only have to place a couple of sentences.

    1: " User-agent: * "
    2: " Disallow: /download_folder_name "
    1a: " User-agent: * "
    2a: " Disallow: /website_folder_name/download_folder_name "

    example: " Disallow: /mydownloads " (you would make a more secure name).

    if your download folder is inside of a another folder.
    example: " Disallow: /Video/mydownloads "

    Do not type the quotes.

    That's it. Just upload the newly created robot.txt file to your main folder of the your website and your done. "

    This little text-file tells the search engines - "Hey, don't even think of crawling this folder or looking inside of it." This will prevent your download pages from being seen by the search engines and bookmarking sites.
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