Create a Content-Packed Lead Magnet in 6 hours or less...

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Here's how to create a special report in 6 hours
or less..

The post is really freaking long, and goes into much
more detail - so if you wanna read the full article >>Click Here<<

Step 1 - Figure Out The ONE Thing You Want To Help People Solve
(Time: 30 minutes)

Step 2 - Gather Information & Framework Your Knowledge
(Time: 120 minutes)

Step 3 - Start Writing... & Don't Stop til Its Done!
(Time: 180 minutes w/ 15 minute breaks)

Step 4 - Make It Look Appealing
(Time: 30 minutes)

Step 5 - Convert, Distribute, Rinse & Repeat!
(Time: 30 minutes)

are you using special reports to capture leads?

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