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can you use any html template with the script?
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    Yes and I have done. Works like a charm.
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    how can you do this? i thought you have to use the template provided.
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    You have to use the PHP code provided (unless you really know what you're doing) but you can change any of the HTML you want. I've used the $7 script and for one site I completely changed the sales page.

    You'll need to know how HTML works or pay someone who does but its not a tough job with a bit of HTML know how.
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    You can use any HTML page you want as long as you name each page the same as the HTML template pages are named that come with the script.

    For instance - rename the HTML page with your opt-in box squeeze.html (like the one that comes with the script) - the sales page would be named salespage.html - the one time offer page, oto.html, etc.

    Just check out each HTML page that comes with the script and give your HTML page that will substitute for it the same name.

    It's the index.php that makes the whole thing work. The PHP code it contains tells it which template page to display when - so as long as each page is named right it'll know which one to show in your browser.

    If you'd like to see an example I'm using my own template pages with the $7 script for my free WSO.

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    i was told that you have to add php code to a salespage even if it is named teh same as the one that comes with the $7 script.
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    You just need to link your buy button to:


    The rest of the salesletter.html can be plain ol html
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