i have 5GB of plr an mrr content - what should i do with it ?

by Shlomi Khutoretsky 4 replies
hi again

3-4 months ago i bought a website that is full of plr content
and i don't know what i should do with it

so what should i do ?
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    Hey Man,

    You're in Kevin Riley's coaching program. When it comes time to create your products, you may just have some source material to give you a head start. Does any of the MRR & PLR content fit into any of the niches you identified? You can use this material as a base and expand on it to make it truly unique.

    Also, break the info down into folders on your hard drive that divide it into different catagories and package these groupings into product offerings for others to buy. Just change them a little, add new graphics & titles and you will have PLR packages you can sell that no one else has.

    There is some work to be done to accomplish this, but it will be well worth your time and effort in the end. (can you say "this would easily pay for my son's new bicycle"?)

    You could create a Mega-Package of PLR rights material and sell it at a bargain price. You already own it. It would be pure profit to you.

    You could take some of the re-written PLR/MRR material and offer it in a "Give-away promotion so popular on the web and build yourself a huge list.

    All kinds of ways to benefit from what you have there.


    "I can" is much more important than I.Q.

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    I would agree with Adam.. Very nice post Adam..

    Just be sure that is is not a bunch of out-of-date stuff, as mentioned this could take time but very well could be worth the time. Take 2 or 3 days or so and go through, findout what is good andnot while you are sorting it into folders..

    Some stuff that is out-of-date you may very well be able to rewrite and bring up to date thus givingyou a new product or products.

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    • i think my main problem is the fact that there is to much content there
      and to go through all that content is a lot of work.
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        You've heard the old question, (Q.) "What's the best way to eat an elephant?" (A.) "One bite at a time."

        Start by catagorizing the content into different folders. Do this by title. Spend a couple hours doing this...take a break or come back tomorrow.

        Next, find groups of catagories that fit together and drop these folders into group folders...take a break...

        Skim the content to determine if it is current info. Drag & drop dated material into a seperate folder for possible re-write/updating (but removed from the "good stuff" pile)...take a break

        Search for active niches that want the material you have in your group folders. Brainstorm how to put a desirable package together for that group. Which articles for main package, which for bonus material...take a break

        Do some rewriting or combining of articles/books to get original content...take a break

        Rename finished articles/ebooks, put in new graphics, etc...take a break

        Don't try to do it all at once. That is overwhelming. Just take a single step towards your goal, everyday, and you will soon have the project coming together.

        It will take work, but, just imagine how much good material you'll have for sale. Get 1 project done, offer it for sale or WSO it, and start on another. Lather, rinse and repeat. Soon you will have a whole pile of offers. Bundle them into special "Blow-Out" sales and offer discounts for volume buys...

        You get the picture. You can do this.


        "I can" is much more important than I.Q.

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