Anyone with Powerpoint 2003 and Camtasia Have a Few Minutes?

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Here is my dilemma. I created a powerpoint slideshow at work using Office 2003. I used a music file to play throughout the presentation (no voice over).

Here at work, I do not have camtasia. At home, I have camtasia, but I only have an old version of MS Office and Powerpoint, so when I open the file at home, a lot of the animations do not work.

My problem is, I have Powerpoint 2003 and Camtasia, I just dont have them on the same computer. So...

Does anyone with both these programs have a quick minute to record my presentation and convert it with camtasia?

If so, could you PM me. I have the ppt and the sound file (creative commons).
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    I have an alternative option for you:

    1) When you save the presentation on the new version of Office, save it as images. Go to Save and select other file types. Now save your presentation as jpeg images.

    2) If you run Windows you will have Windows Movie Maker, or else, look for it on the internet.

    3) Import the images of the slides into Movie Maker and add the sound file. You can adjust the duration of each slide as well as a bunch of other features.

    Ask if you don't get it right!

    JR van Rensburg
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  • I lose all of my transitions and animations. If I was going to do that, I could just use camtasia at home with the cheesy transitions and animations of my old version of ppt.

    Im surprised MS hasnt come out with a solution already.
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    Yes sorry, won't work for transitions! Except if you use the Movie Maker transitions!
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  • ^^ I could, but I have cool animations
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    I can give you a hand with this. I have both Powerpoint 2003 and Camtasia
    Best wishes
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