Internet Marketing vs Offline Marketing

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Hello everyone,

My name is matias leiva.

I have been involved with IM and MLM for about 1 year now.

A few things I have noticed based on my exp and knowledge are the following:

Internet Marketing is an amazing way to generate LEADS, and really brand yourself throughout the web.

What I have also seen with Internet Marketing based on where I am marketing is the poor quality of people, and not so much the attraction marketing, but its desperate people looking to make a $1 and not Business driven people with the understanding of how a business really grows.

Now this maybe because of my specific niche and I do understand that clearly.

But I have been doing some offline advertising and have found better quality people.

Now many "gurus" talk about the list and getting as many targeted people in there, but quiet frankly I rather have QUALITY than QUANTITY...

This is just my point of view and where I see things going...

Also my particular industry has been hit by various little $5-$50 programs that just attract unqualified people, and then you see them on youtube, horrible websites etc.

So when a professional person comes across this kind of stuff it just pulls them away.

Now, don't get my wrong little programs are great feeders, but now based on the last 5 months of testing, everyone is scared to make an actual commitment of $1000 to begin a business, they believe a $25 program will change their live haha come on now......

Offline marketing has been working tremendous for me, I know everyone has their own thing on the web... but based on once again my niche the offline has just blown up and the IM has just been saturated with unprofessional people..

This is what I see and I know many can relate to it.
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    There are a few big threads right now on this topic.

    I'm wondering, you said "offline marketing has been working tremendous for me."

    What are you currently doing offline that's working well?

    Best regards,

    Coming soon for all you IM junkies... The Internet Daily Show

    A Secret to Success: Making serious money online or offline is not complex unto itself - we're the ones who complicate it. Simply sell them what they are already buying.

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    Hi, yes I heard putting ads in your local paper, handing out flyers in parking lots, and using radio ads seems to really be outside the box marketing for online promotion. I think it's outside the "norm" so perhaps that's why you're having success. Plus if the people make the effort to log online to check out your website, you know they are more serious than just clicking on a link.
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