Any good tools to search for Edu and Gov sites

by cmo140
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Anyone know any good tools out there to search for edu sites and gov sites?

I was using SEO firefox but as of the 18th you can't use it anymore for those searches.
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    Some time back someone shared this link

    Drop My Link - Find sites to create backlinks on

    hope this helps.
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    You mean something like this when entered into google? inurl:blog inurl:wiki inurl:wiki joomla inurl:wiki vbulletin inurl:wiki vbulletin inurl:blog post a comment

    Formula for .Gov Back links Search

    Go to Google Search box and put this in the search box. inurl:blog

    site:. gov inurl:wiki

    site:. gov inurl:wiki joomla

    site:. gov inurl:wiki vbulletin

    site:. gov inurl:wiki vbulletin

    site:. gov inurl:blog post a comment
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      I use to be able to take a site and then search that site for all its edu and gov sites that linked to it in yahoo. But bing took over yahoo search on the 18th and you can't use the operators that I used. e.i :

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