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What is the real benefit to having the image of a affiliate site on your server, such as:

<iframe src="YOURAFFILIATELINK" width="1200" height="800"
frameborder="0″ scrolling="auto" name="Test Iframe of an affiliate site"></iframe>
As opposed to just an affiliate redirect?

Does this really result in more sales?

I know that the cookie is set automatically with an Iframe, but if they don't buy, what is the difference?

I'm not talking about "invisible" Iframes, just copies of affiliate sites.

Thanks for your response.
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    3 things quickly come to mind...

    #1 your affiliate link will be somewhat 'cloaked'
    #2 you can submit to most places that don't allow direct affiliate links
    #3 you might be violating some tos... since some affiliate programs might view this as 'cookie stuffing' (I may be wrong, but double check to make sure you don't get banned)

    Does it generate more sales? I honestly don't know... I have seen many debates on this, some say yes, some say no... it really depends on the target audience, if you are marketing to people that don't even know what an affiliate program or link is... well it doesn't make a difference to cloak your link or not... but if you are marketing to other CB affiliates for example, it's a good idea to cloak your links.

    - Jared


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    yes this is a widely known "sneaky" method....but ClickBank doesnt like such i would be careful.
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      Originally Posted by GeorgR. View Post

      yes this is a widely known "sneaky" method....but ClickBank doesnt like such i would be careful.
      I've heard about 1x1px frames stuffing cookies, but it seems like a preferred method to show the entire site on one's own server, especially when running PPC.

      Seems simple enough to set up, just wonder if there is any strong reason, maybe if someone is using a dedicated domain name for each promotion?

      Thanks for the reply's.
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