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Hello, everybody

This is my first post here. And before I elaborate my situation I'd like to say I'm very glad to be part of this forum and say hi to all you great people who make this place so special.

And now comes the story...

Two years ago, while I was looking for some ebook I had stumbled upon this forum, browsed through few topics, bookmarked it and completely forgot about it. In meanwhile, I've made a decision to quit my regular job in near future and start doing something I'm really passionate about. I decided to start learning web design and anything related to it.

However, couple of months ago, while sorting my bookmarks I stumbled upon Warrior Forum again and spent whole day reading various topics. I simply got addicted! I was amazed at how amazing place this forum was. Amazing amount of valuable information and amazing community consisted of some really great people always willing to help and share their knowledge.

Now I don't know what to do... I can't decide if I should start my new career in web design or focus on internet marketing. One of the main reasons I wanted to quit my regular job and start my own business was because I wanted to be my own boss. But I overlooked that if I start web design business I'd have new boss every day instead of having only one at my previous job Lol And in internet marketing I'd have an opportunity to be my own boss for real. So, now I feel like I'm on crossroads and don't know which path to choose.

And now comes the main problem. (As you probably noticed LOL) English is not my native language I'd like to choose "IM path" but this "tiny" detail would be a problem.

For example, how am I gonna convince someone to buy something or keep visiting my blog if I keep making some funny grammar mistakes? I mean, I can't outsource "grammar check" for every article I write. Lol

So, fellow warriors, here comes the main question... What would you do in my place? What part of Internet marketing would you recommend to me? Something that's not gonna be affected much by the fact that English is not my native language. Or I should just stick to design?

I'm also sure there are lot of members from non-english speaking countries so I'd like to hear their experience as well.

Thanks in advance
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    The solution to your problem is simple.

    Concentrate on what you're good at.

    If you can create software, for example, do that and hire people for all the
    copywriting required. They'll sell your product for you.

    Yes, it will cost you more money than doing it all yourself, but even English
    speaking people outsource a lot of this because they just don't want to be
    bothered with it.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with freelancing as a career. You don't really
    have a new boss with every assignment. YOU are still the boss.

    YOU get to decide who you make web sites for.

    YOU set the fees for your service.

    YOU work when YOU want.

    I freelanced for a long time and the only reason I got out of it was
    because I realized I could make more money creating and selling products.

    Don't let your English hold you back.

    Do what you're good at and let others do the rest.
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    welcome here .whish you best luck
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      I really wouldn't worry too much as your post here was completely readable and understandable. That's really all you need. I've seen plenty of native English speakers write a whole lot worse than you so I think you'd do just fine.

      There is no either/or question between web design and IM. IM is not a business - it's simply the vehicle used to promote whatever your business is. If you love web design, go for it. Sure, working for customers has it's downside - been there, believe me - but it's what you know right now and will get you a real income the fastest.

      As you use that for your income right now, slowly start learning and implementing other aspects of marketing on the web that are more hands-off. There are plenty of ways for you to do that using your web design talents and skills. You could create and sell templates, sell entire sites, sell graphics packages - etc. It doesn't have to be about services forever.

      Down the road, you may find many other ways of doing business on the web that you enjoy, as well. But initially, stick to the skills you already have and build up from there.

      Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
      Fast & Easy Content Creation
      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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        Thank you everyone for your replies

        Think I'll just stick to web design for now. And in my free time I'll try to implement what I've learned so for about IM into making a design blog or I might try Amazon affiliate program and see how it's going. Amazon associates looks like a good program for a newbie to start with. And good thing is that I won't have to outsource and pay for web design services. I'll just have to outsource "grammar check" lol
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          There you go, just stick with what you know and learn and implement whatever you've learned from IM-ing to market your service. Once you know how to market your business the next step is going to be not too far from wherever you're standing. About the language barrier its not an issue all you need is a proofreader or outsource your writing tasks thats all.
          Affiliate Marketing explained for beginners >>
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    Nice going in deciding which area to focus on... Right now is one of the best times to get into creating an income online. Internet Marketers are always looking for services. Even some of the big time Gurus are converting there business model from a product to a services for marketers model.

    Congratulation for coming back and taking action.
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