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I decided to go the route of promoting physical products on my site with reviews on the items.

My question is what would be the best way to set up a list for this? I mean, if someone already purchased the digital camera that best met their needs, how can I send automated emails to this customer with information relevant to their purchase?

I am thinking the angle I could take would be to have them sign up to be informed of when I post new reviews on items relating to what they purchased.

What would you guys recommend? I mean, how would you continuously send emails to people who already purchased what they needed the first place? All I see is the potential problem of my visitors not trusting my opinions or reviews on something if next week, I am talking about how great this new camera is.

Thanks for your replies.
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    That would be the way to do it. Write a review or teaser email or 2 then sell it to them after. They need to se the benefit in buying it.
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      Originally Posted by bauger View Post

      That would be the way to do it. Write a review or teaser email or 2 then sell it to them after. They need to se the benefit in buying it.
      Thanks, I was thinking that would be the best way to do this.
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    You should come up with a "suite" of products that are related to the main product you're selling. So if you are selling cameras, what about all the different camera accessories?

    What about ebooks on taking good photos? How about a review of online storage methods?

    You really have an endless set of opportunities to "cross-sell" these people...

    As far as building a list is concerned, are these your own products? If you are selling via Paypal, you can integrate your buy button so that they automatically get plopped into your list when they buy.

    Otherwise, you're going to have to come up with a free offer to get them to subscribe BEFORE the point of sale. I would suggest that you get one of those slide up opt in boxes that come up from the bottom of the page. I use the Ultimate Footer Ad - it's like $40, the support from the product owner is great, and it's relatively easy to set up.


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      Just for an example...

      I just got a new camera. It's a notch short of a DSLR, and basically a top end point shoot. I have no idea about lighting, and exposure times etc, but plenty of flexibility to use those features. A great easy to follow ebook at an affordable price would be right up my alley.

      Bags, lenses, flashes, are all accessories I'd need too. (some of which I've just bought)

      The more model specific the more likely I'd buy instantly on a course, or accessories.

      It's not my first camera either. I have several. Lots of people have cheap point and shoots, as well as high end professional cameras. Who says they aren't buying mutliple?

      To learn this stuff, you could have asked me if I were on your list, or you could put yourself in that position as if you had just bought one. Or heck go buy one. You'll be able to fit yourself into the buyer shoes easier with any of those approaches.

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    Definitely sell other products that go along with photography. Or accessories that you find helpful.
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