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can anyone pls take me on a simple guide to answering questions on yahoo answer?i have been on this platform for over a month now trying to answer a question without any head way.pls show me how to answer question and select answer.i was told to click answer this question blue button but i dont see it after clicking answer button.pls help out..........................
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    That's pretty weird, are you signed in as a user?
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    Wait I don't understand? are you just trying to answer questions? All you need is a account and to answer the questions... Are you just not seeing the buttons show up?
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      If you have a valid yahoo account -

      After you hit [Answer the Question] a box opens below the question - type your answer in the box. Below the answer box is a [Submit] button - hit it.

      You will then be returned to the original question screen with your answer at the bottom.
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        that is what i dont see warrior.pls is it that my browser is not OK enough or what .
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          That's usually a browser problem. If you are using IE, download Firefox and try that, or vice versa.
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      yes the blue answer this question button does not show as i cant seem to see it.i am a user but will like to give quality content.pls could you show me how to go about this?
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    If you are not sure about the answer make use of the search engines to find a possible answer and then submit the answer. I think you are facing difficulty in answering the questions.
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      no i am not.i said i cant find answer this question link on my browser.period
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    Ensure that when you're answering questions that you don't put a link in every post and answer in different categories. If they look over your account and see that you've only answered in one niche and every answer goes to the SAME place, you'll be banned.
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