Site not Indexed after 3 weeks ?

by grumpyb 14 replies
I have a new site on which I have carried out my usual routine which includes
registering and veryfying in webmaster tools
adding a site map
adding a Digg
adding a few other external links
usually this gets my sites Indexed within a day or 3 but this time its been 3 + weeks and it is still not Indexed by Google

Can anyone please give me any other things I can do to get this site Indexed by Google
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    I think you are promoting your site but very little. If you submit your site to various social media like Facebook, twitter etc. then you will get indexed quickly. You can use or for submission to more than 20 social media sites and this service is free (Onlywire has paid option also). You can also submit your site to various directories like Blogorama, blogopaedia, blogcatelog etc. You can search list at Warrior forum or Google it. In this way your site will get indexed quickly. Backlinking from related and important sites is vary important for indexing.

    - Pradeep
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    Write an ezine article and this will get you indexed.

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    Get some links going to it other than Digg, though I do think that should have done it by now and with the other stuff you've done. I'd ping it and social bookmark it a few more timesbut I know diggs get picked up by G really quick. How are you finding out wether it's indexed or not? I know you're probably doing it right I just want to check.

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    I used onlywire one time as an experiment and one of my sites still, was not indexed after 3-4 weeks. Writing articles and submiting a press release, to a high PR site does a great job on indexing and providing great backlinks as well.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    Try some PR power. Submit a paid press release. It will work.
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    I usually find that submitting an article to ezinearticles does the trick.

    One thing to look at though.... one time I had trouble getting a site indexed and when I looked it up in the way back machine, I discovered that someone had actually owned that domain name before and it had apparently been banned which was why it was not getting indexed.

    You might want to double check that at Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

    Gone Fishing
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      One of my sites that I created last week got indexed in 48 hours.Here's how I did it:

      1)Submit your link at multiple social networking and web 2.0 sites using / Update all of your social networks at once! (Of course you've to register with all those accounts and it'll take about 1.5 hours)

      2)As I'm using WORDPRESS, I installed and activated important plugins such as:

      *Platinum SE0 Pack
      *Google site map generator
      *Seo Image

      3) Then I bookmarked at,Reddit,Jumptags and other top social bookmarking sites. Don't have to submit to 20-30 sites if you don't have time. 5 will be just fine

      4)Submitted my RSS feed to RSS directories

      That's all I did and it got indexed in 48 hours and main keyword was on the 10th page.

      On the 3rd day, my ranking improved to 4th page as I started submitting my link at web directories using a software.

      Hope that helps you
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    I use pingomatic and it usually does the trick for me. I recently learnt of anoth site that get you 100 links with just a few clicks.
    Check out Auto Backlink Generator
    I used it on a new site and got some good results so I guess its worth trying.


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    Has worked for me.
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    Open a MyBlogLog and Feedbite account and ad your site to both. Should be indexed in 24 hours

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    Make sure noindex and nofollow are not in your site header or htaaccess.
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    did you register domain that was never registered or was expired? Some expired domains are banned in Google, etc.
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    I've never had this problem. Go to Google Blog Search, and get your link on one of the top 10 results for your primary keyword.
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