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Hi Members, I setup a site on Christmas Gifts a couple of days back. Would like tips on promoting it. Would be great if u cud provide a list of paid and non-paid Christian Site Directories, Christian forums, etc.

So far I've made posts promoting products from Religious Mall, Personal Creations, and Holiday Decorations Direct. Would be great to have a list of affiliate networks too - not just for the US but Canada, UK, Australia, and NZ also.

Thanx in Advance,
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    Google is a great resource. When you learn how to take advantage of the advanced features of Google, you will be able to dig down with more accuracy...

    Myself, I am not in a market where I could offer you specific URLs in your niche...

    However, if you add quoted phrases like, "submit your link" to your main keywords like Christian and Directory, you will find that you can get to the meat much more quickly...

    You seem to be limiting your target market considerably...

    You say you are selling Christmas gifts, but only targeting Christians... On the surface, it makes sense, but even secular consumers celebrate Christmas...

    On the surface, it is also a good thing to target your advertising to the English speaking world, but Shipping and Handling costs could limit how many people buy from you... For instance, as a U.S. resident, if I can buy the same product in the U.S. instead of Australia, I might be able to save $20 plus dollars on shipping costs -- leaving me the ability to buy more gifts on my limited Christmas budget...
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    Yeah i totally agree with that. Try using google, it could be your buddy all the way. Google offers a lot, especially if you need references.
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    @Ian Jackson ... Just wanted to start early so I have a chance to be on the first page before Cyber Monday strikes. "gifts for christmas" would be tough to break into but very lucrative.

    @tpw @sparkie2260 Thats what I have been doing so far. I love google. However I wanted some expert advise. I am pretty impulsive and didn't plan out the categories etc. Now I realise I shud have done it before starting publishing articles and blog posts. Its a pretty wide niche and all sites have their own way of categorising gifts for christmas. TPW I am an atheist and completely agree with your view on tageting secular customers as well. I'll try and cover major US Vendors first and then if I get time I'll try n cover those in the other countries where English is the first language.

    Right now I am trying to post pages - category wise and vendor wise. Ofcourse the trick always is quality content. Any thoughts on how much pages, backlinks, it would take to be on page #1 for the search term "gifts for christmas"

    3 of the sites display these figures on yahoo explorer :

    Site 1 : Pages 562 Inlinks 61
    Site 2 : Pages 0 () Inlinks 58
    Site 3 : Pages 36 Inlinks 13

    I like SEO but am very dumb technically. Any suggestion on how best to integrate data feeds from different vendors. Though I am aware about them, I have never added a datafeed to a site. I checked out a few webpages for info on datafeeds but most of it went over my head.
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