Come In Peace Or Leave In Pieces 2.0

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Come In Peace Or Leave In Pieces

I know, I know, I'm still not hosted...

But Ive made some major improvements.

New Layout & I have amazon affiliate links up.

As far as traffic I'm getting like 60-100 views daily but I really haven't been promoting much...

I'm not sure exactly how much traffic it'll take to start selling some items off the bar on the side, but I'd imagine it'd be a lot.

Any Critique is welcome.
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    I used that tut on your page but it still didnt go away?!?

    Idk why?

    Edit: I have a stat counter code on there that tells me Im seeing that many, maybe the counter is wrong...

    I posted the link on 1 relatively large MMA forum though that could be it.

    OR it could be cuz I'm effin AWESOME.. and I have the Internet Marketing Midas Touch.
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      This is a strong start, so don't let my suggestions put you off - keep going for it...

      Here are my thought and I appreciate you are probably aware of most of them..........

      1. You need a better name. No one is going to remember the long one you have at the moment - short and descriptive is the way to go
      2. Get a self hosted wordpress blog and your own domain name.
      3. Get an Aweber autoresponder account to build a list
      4. Your logo is too big. When you look at the site you don't realise that everything is below the massive logo. So move as much as you can 'above the fold', so that your content and ads are visible to vistiors as soon as they arrive.
      5. Your blog posts are very short. As a general rule aim for writing blog posts in the region of 350 words long to have any chance of getting search engine traffic
      6. Install a good visitor counter like the free one from StatCounter .com
      7. Keep going - sounds like you are in a good niche.

      Good luck

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        Much more on-topic than version 1. You're getting there.

        Right now, I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut that you get pretty close to zero clicks on the Amazon ad. It sticks out and screams "add-on". If you play with the ad generator, you should find options for blending the ad into your theme better.

        You'll probably make more sales by adding a category for equipment and doing one post per piece of equipment, then text linking to Amazon. I'm not sure if Blogger allows this, but once you move to a real domain, you can.

        Props for taking the feedback you got before and using it...
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    yeah, still nothing..? maybe the design is interfering w. the code?
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    ^ No problem, this is all for learning, right?

    thanks for all the help everyone.
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    Woa stat counter read 128 views today.

    & I also got a rough idea for a product. It could be an ebook full of all the techniques and explanations for how and why they work, the only problem is to make that, I'd need detailed drawings of the various positions & moves... & I'm not sure how much outsourcing something like that would cost me. But I'd pitch it as the "all encompassing street effective mma guide (which it will deliver if I can get it done right) & try and sell it for like 10-20.
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      One thing I would say is...when you put the link up in here there are hundreds of people here and a lot will take a look but not comment so the stats may be a touch inflated, have you got analytics on there? That way you'll see exactly where the traffics from which you need to. Re. the look and feel of the site it looks great, just watched that first video about 4 times, couldn't figure out how the hell that guy was doing that move!!!

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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  • Profile picture of the author ThisIzFifty
    I knowwww that move is so cool, and if you land it it's an instant shoulder break if your in a street situation.
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    • Profile picture of the author Richard Van
      Trouble is I'd probably break my own skull trying to learn it!

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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    It's baby steps, I'll put a post up on the omoplotta n u can see how simple that is, then it won't look so complicated... The "flying" part is the hard thing cuz he does that roll in the air... There's another flying omoplotta w.o. The roll that looks much easier too... You could do that till ur balanced enough to try the roll... I'm tempted to try it myself, but the move is more acrobatic then effective, I can get people in a omoplotta from wayyyy safer ways than that.
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    I couldn't tell what you were targeting. I don't see any SEO going on, especially with that title. Only thing I could guess at was that you want "omoplata" traffic... but if you're wanting anyone interested in jujitsu to find your site, you really should change the name of the site (and the URL, even if it's still on blogspot; like and focus your titles more on what your keyword will be.
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