How to work out what people searching for a generic term are actually looking for

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Hi Warriors,

I seem to be asking several questions a day at the moment, but I have made a commitment to myself to take massive action, so I need to find answers as I go along!

I would like to know how people research what people are looking for when they type a generic keyword in google.

For example, if someone types in 'training' they could be looking for weight training, music training, fitness training, accounting training, bartending training e.t.c.

I know the answer may be 'could be a lot of things' and 'go for the long-tail keywords' but I have found some very generic terms that have a lot of searches but not much competition which I believe could be worth trying to move in on.

Problem is, I want to be able to provide potential visitors with the product they are looking for.

Even is the keyword was a bit more specific such as 'legal training' - does anyone have some tips on honing in on what type of legal training, for example, or what area of law they might be looking for?

thanks for any help,

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    Spud, I think one of the reasons you are finding so little competition for very generic terms is the fact that they could be many different things.

    For something as generic as 'training', how do you even begin to segment that? The searchers' intent could be anything from military training, legal training, dog training or training bra.

    Until you get out on the long tail, you'll actually see more competition as you hone in. For example:

    > training
    > dog training
    > hunting dog training
    > hunting dog training equipment
    >retriever hunting dog training electronic collar

    In that sequence, you should see increasing competition until about the third item, where you start getting out onto the long tail and competition should start falling off again.

    You should also see increasing intent to buy something specific as you move down the list.
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    I've had a similar problem - so I'll be watching this thread regularly!

    I did waste (what was to me) a lot of money bidding on generic keywords (which had really low conversion rates - some not a single sale with over 1,000 visitors!) before finding out with Google Analytics that many people were searching for completely different answers to what the product I was promoting provided.

    I'm not sure if it will help you, but once you start promoting your site, remember to have a good analytics tool as it may help you refine your keywords further and find new ones!


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